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Sneak Peak: Appendix on Domestication

One reason I’m an incredibly slow writer is I keep side-tracking myself. So here’s a brief look at the intro to the appendix on the domestication of sheep for my sheep book! The final version has footnotes. And a bibliography. Because I can’t stay on track to save my life, and there’s a lot of […]
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First Draft: Beware

And hey, I’m all productive today! So here’s a first draft of flash fiction for a kudzupunk zine a friend is trying to pull together. I’ve been grinding my teeth again. It happens every year when the weather warms up and the goddamned vines start getting leaf buds. The cold never kills them. It used […]
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Hellfire Books

Look, blame Ursula Vernon for this, OK? She quipped on Twitter that I was like the Fox Fire books, but set in hell, and then I started tweeting out snippets of wisdom from the alternate universe in my brain where, in fact, the Fox Fire books were set in hell. And then a bunch of […]