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Busy busy busy

Sixteen new baby chickens have moved into my office/computer room which is sort of distracting when I play video games with the help of sites like Ten of them are staying here, six of them are just here because they were showing signs of pasty butt and needed watching while Christine is off doing things unrelated to chickens. So my office is full of cheeping. It’s time to get a silkie pen built, too, so I can get the seven oldest baby out of doors. We might manage to start on that this weekend, we might not.

Meanwhile, Sid went out in mobility harness yesterday to the Farmer’s Market on a training run. He’s not old enough for me to put weight on him but he needs to work in the actual harness, or a reasonable facsimile thereof, because the first time I ever put it on him he nearly sprained his neck trying to see the handle. But anyway he did freakin brilliantly, for real — if he were a kid he’d be performing above grade-level but I’m not sure what the equivalent term is for dogs. Maybe “performing above training level”? Anyhow, the point is that he is pretty bomb-proof and takes crowds in stride. He even got barked at by a dog who was there with one of the vendors and while he glanced at it, that was the extent of his interest. I’m using cheese/praise and verbal corrections (“Negative!” — can you tell I was in the military?) to communicate what the rules of his new job are, and he seems to be getting the point.

This afternoon we’re planning on taking him to an outdoor cafe to see where I’m at in regards to his restaurant training. Probably the one attached to Borders as it’s very low-key and casual and also all the food is paid for in advance and served in to-go containers, so if he’s being a dork we can pick up and leave, no fuss no muss. I wish I could be sure his behavior at home would carry over, because at home he is genius at lying down next to me and ignoring the people food. Fingers crossed!

And just for being patient with me while my posting has slowed down, have a picture of Up, one of the baby Ameraucana bantams who will be staying here. I’ve named them after types of quark, but there’s five of them so I lack a “Down”. I do however have Charmed, Strange, Truth, Beauty, and Up!
Up, a small chick whose body is yellow fluff but whose emerging wing feathers are fantastical and beautiful with subtle patterns of grey-brown on cream, cradled in my hand.