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Be it ever so humble…

We made it home yesterday, finally. The whole week to me felt like being in a pillow fight with an opponent who hits just a little too hard. Siddy was brilliant and I think grew while we were gone, or at least he doesn’t look as small compared to Zille as he did when we left! The cats and other dogs are delighted to have us back, and oh, being home is so nice even when it does come with a mob of hairy beasts. Maybe especially when it comes with a mob of hairy beasts!

Today I get to catch up on homework, o joy, and go take a Biology test. No rest for the wicked, tomorrow is off to work again. I feel like I need a vacation to recover from that “vacation!”

Oh and for those participating in the betting pool… Sid still has chewies left over. He is not, as it turns out, a big chewer. Except of bully sticks, but they give him the runs and so had to be removed.

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Road trip, Day 4

Sid was a great help cleaning out Andre’s apartment yesterday, or at least getting out of there everything that I wanted, which was nothing much. While they had a whole mess there, I had got me one of the hotels in Liverpool to stay for the next week. Today we took him to PetSmart where we got him a gross smoked section of marrow bone to chew on, and he picked out a yellow canvas duck with a rattling ball in its head.

The duck thing was pretty hilarious, we were walking past it and it caught his eye and he snatched it off the shelf and started trying to power toward the front of the store. He carried the duck to the register, where I took it away from him to pay for it, then chewed its beak off while Daniel and I went to a book store and left him in the car. When we got back to the hotel he left it in the car to go potty, then carried it from the car to the hotel, up the stairs, and into the room. Evidently he has needed a yellow canvas duck to make his life complete, and now he has one and is a happy camper. Bless him, he’s a simple boy.

Meanwhile I need to start blitzing him on loose-leash walking and once we’ve got that down I will probably go ahead and start working him in public in “in training” gear to teach him that when we are geared up, we ignore everything but Mom, including other people, other dogs, and yellow canvas ducks.

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Road Trip: Day 3

Yesterday, Sid taught himself to open the bathroom door here at the hotel, which has a lever knob. He taught himself this because I was in the bathroom trying to take a nice private bath, which is unacceptable to him.

I’ve also introduced him to the clicker. We aren’t using verbal cues for anything yet, we’re mostly just getting him used to the idea that click = treat. Basically any behavior I may want to put on cue later, he gets a click and a treat for: looking at me, getting on the bed, getting off the bed, sitting, lying down, falling over on his side, heaving a great emo sigh at how hard his life is… all of the above gets him a click and a treat.

The star of the trip as far as dog gear goes, though, has been my custom lead from Bold Lead Designs. It’s one of their multi-function leads with a limited-slip collar grafted on the end and the thing is absolutely fantastic as far as getting a puppy in and out of the car and hotel room with a minimum of fuss.

Today we’ll go through my father’s apartment, and I need to get ahold of the lawyer who handled my grandfather’s estate and see if he will handle the rest of the estate for me, and how much that will cost and how long it will take. This trip is no fun with the exception of what a star Sid is.

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Road trip Day 2

So here we are in Paducah, Kentucky, ensconced in a hotel with Sid the Wonder Puppy. We drove from the Manor to my parents’ house on Saturday afternoon, spent the night with the Best Dad Ever, and then headed out around 0730 Sunday to make our way to the western tip of Kentucky, I want to tell you guys that if you are traveling around the area make sure to check where you will find all the business and stores around the area.

Sid is an angel in the car. He doesn’t even chew a bunch, just settles in, goes to sleep, and only rarely sticks his cold wet nose in your ear, and I pretty much have to have my pillow that I got from The Comfy Traveler at all times. He potties promptly on leash, drinks politely from his bowl when water is offered, and is otherwise an ideal traveling buddy. Even at 6 years old, Tink and Beowulf are way more trouble than this guy is at six months old.

Today is my father’s memorial, then the rest of the week will be spent in things like going through his apartment, doing paperwork, and all the other assorted chores that go with a death. There may be some time in there to visit some of the family I have that still lingers in the area; I hope so anyway! And meanwhile I have to try to stay caught up with my homework. Whew.

For those of you in on the betting pool, because of Sid’s weirdly low chew drive, all chewies are still in chewable condition. He’s a really odd puppy in some ways…

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My First Betting Pool

We’re getting ready to head out to Kentucky. Juniper has been safely ensconced in his new home, so the Best Mother Ever will only have three adult dogs and five cats to deal with for the week.

Anyway, Siddy is going with us because I love my mother and feel that a week with a six month old puppy who is mostly an angelbaby but occasionally tries to fit the whole world in his mouth, and if that doesn’t work smacks it with his ginormopaws (a maneuver we refer to as “Siddy SMASH!”), and if that still doesn’t work barks and snaps at it, would probably take years off her life.

It’s roughly 740 miles to Kentucky, making for a total of a 12 hour trip. We’ll head down to Roanoke today and stay the night at my parents’ house with the Best Dad Ever, then continue on tomorrow.

I have purchased $60 worth of quality tasty chews for Sid, ranging from a Nylabone Souper (NEW TEXTURED DESIGN!) to two 24″ bully sticks. In the comments, please post your guess for how long these supplies will last. The closest guess will win a horrible prize of some sort. Possibly the gnawed remains of the hotel room we’ll be staying in for the next week, or an autographed pic of Tink, or the right to name the next cat who winds up in my bathroom or something.