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A plethora of puppies

So yesterday I went down to Blackthorn Kennel to visit my friend C and do my weekend job as Hand Model and Puppy Wrangler. I am getting quite experienced at this, seriously, so if you’re looking for a Hand Model and Puppy Wrangler, do let me know so I can expand my portfolio. This weekend, we wrangled the O litter a bit, a charming group of babies with East German bloodlines. Adorable? You have not seen adorable until you have eight four-week-old German Shedders trying to eat your shoes. While they’re on your feet.

Here I am wrangling a puppy, who as you can see is calm and cooperative.
And here you see my superior ability to get a puppy face pointed at the camera!

Zillekins went along and had a grand ol’ time playing with her buddies and I even convinced her to go swimming some, which is nice because it gets her clean without me having to pay someone to scrub her down. Although she could probably use a bath before the wedding. And C and I had a grand ol’ time, talking and going out for Mexican food in addition to eyeballing chickens (I have deep, deep chicken envy) and floating around in the pool trying not to get drowned by dogs. The Best Mother Ever came along for a little bit and got to visit with puppies, but then headed home from there. Never fear, she’ll be back next weekend as wedding planning kicks into gear!

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A pile of puppies!

My friend C (Zille’s breeder!) came over yesterday, bringing with her a PILE OF PUPPIES. I am not kidding, check it:
A pile of 8 week old German Shedder puppies rests on a laminate floor.  Their right ears are green from recent tattooing.  There are four sables and two bicolors (black and tan), and this is seriously dangerous levels of cute, people.

That is the only puppy picture I am posting, as I do not wish to steal her puppy picture thunder. It is possible that she got pics with Tink in the same frame as puppies, but Tink was not about to hang out with puppies and play the auntie. She was relatively calm about puppies in the yard, although she did work herself up to frothing at the mouth, but she found puppies in the house unspeakably disturbing and was confined to the bedroom after she cornered one under my desk to bark at it. Beowulf was much the same, although rather than stare at puppies and froth at the mouth he nobly pretended that puppies did not exist, with random expressions of horror when they came galumphing toward him.

He did, however, flirt with Nike (who is 12ish and adorable), who came with, and Nike flirted back and was all “yeah, I still got it, the boydogs half my age want me!”

Anyway, puppy ears are green because part of the reason they came to visit (aside from the random socialization of visiting a strange place and new adult dogs who look radically different from the other adult dogs they have met) was to get their ears tattooed. So now the little boogers have things like “BORN TO FETCH” in their right ears for ID purposes[1]. And at this age they were over it within 3 seconds of getting it done. In fact, they all learned quite quickly that the puppy scream when the stamp was done meant that cookies would be forthcoming, so the mercenary little buggers were just WAITING for their siblings to cry out in pain. They’re so adorable.

The Feline Horde was mostly absent. Braxton took one look at puppies and disappeared himself. Aida made one foray towards the living room, saw them, and disappeared. Roo on the other hand hovered around the edges whining about being hungry and giving puppies really, really dirty looks. The black and tan girl with eyebrows was brave and confident and followed him around and even barked at him…as long as he wasn’t looking at her. The minute he gave her the Evil Eye, she would back off to a safe distance or the comfort of the puppy pile. It was six different kinds of hilarious.