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More lazy blogging. Have some puppies!

These pics are a week old and were taken by my friend Christine of Blackthorn Kennel when she brought the O litter and two of the N litter (Nemo and Nora) over for temperament testing, socialization, and snorgling.

In Which I Am Mobbed By Puppies:
A skinny woman wearing blue jeans, an off-white t-shirt (it is my Chickamauga shirt if you must know) and a blue headscarf crouches to get mobbed by German Shepherd puppies. Two try to crawl into her lap, a third crouches under her knees, and others are coming at a run!

Little orange collar dude there has a wet butt because he sat down in the wading pool to cool off, bless him.

In Which Zille Instructs The Next Generation Of Pointy-Eared Fetchy Dogs:
Zille, a sable German Shedder, stands in front of a group of puppies, some sable, some black, and one larger bicolor who came along to visit. Zille is looking slightly dubious, the puppies stare up at her adoringly.

Poor Zille, she saw puppies and got all excited and then they mobbed her and a few bold souls tried to nurse and she decided after a few attempts to convince them to chase her that puppies are not actually as fun as she thought they would be. The puppies, on the other hand, never ceased thinking of her as a wonderful fascinating adult dogbeast to follow around.