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My quest may have ended…

So I am always on the quest for The Perfect Leash. In my mind, it is thick enough to be substantial but not so thick as to be difficult to handle; durable; long, but not too long, and easily shortened for those times when long is not good; also convenient and easy to use. I stand in the leash aisles at pet stores, hefting them, bending them, wrapping them around my hands, running them through my fingers, searching out just that perfect leash. Thus far I had found perfectly serviceable leashes, but not yet The Perfect Leash.

My quest may have come to an end. A couple weeks ago I found Bold Lead Designs on Etsy and got in touch about a limited-slip collar, and wound up talking about leashes, and ended up ordering a custom leash, one of their 8×8 multi-function leads with an integrated limited-slip collar on it.

I am in lurve, seriously. The collar is adjustable, so it works for all the dogs. The leather feels good in my hands, the work and materials are superb. Beowulf used it yesterday and today when we went down to Blackthorn Kennel to ring in the new year, and the leash does just beautifully.

I swear, incidentally, that I am not getting paid by Bold Lead Designs, I am just DEEPLY in love with that leash. I plan to save up for another couple of them, although Tink’s won’t have the limited slip collar on it since she wears a Halti.

In other news, New Year’s Eve at Blackthorn was great fun. There was a big pile of dogs, our three plus two more from other visiting friends, and of course the Blackthorn crew. I was snuggled by approximately a million dogs, managed to stay up to see in the New Year, and ate yummy things and we had champagne and then our goobers let us sleep in until 0700! Which is pretty dang amazing, all things considered. Kate will be here soon, on her way home from her own holiday break, so it will be two days straight of visiting human friends. This might possibly be a record for me if we don’t count the wedding.

Here’s hoping your new year has started off well, gentle readers, and that it continues to bring you all manner of good thing.