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My nefarious plans to familiarize the kittens with the trap are going well:
A fluffly long-haired tabby and white kitten stands on the wired-open door of a Havahart trap, while a grey and white kitten eats next to it.

In other news, I have named them. The one up there standing on the trap, long-haired tabby and white with a white nose, was formerly Kitten4 but is now Intrepid. The grey and white one, formerly Kitten2, is now Astute. The tabby-and-white long hair with much less white, formerly Kitten1, is now Badger, and the short-hair tabby and white what looks just like Emmaline is Avenger. Yes, I did name them all after ships. I was a sailor, what do you want from me?

Astute is in the bathroom. I’m going to try to catch him a buddy so he’s not alone all night, since although Uncle Roo has volunteered I don’t want him sleeping with strange kittens. He is calm and curious and wary of me but not terribly so, I suspect he’s been smelling me on Emmaline for a long time now. Auntie Zillekins is all a-quiver with love for him and periodically whining at the bathroom door.