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I would like working sinuses please.

I seem to have contracted some kind of DEATHFLU(tm). Although it’s still pretty hard to tell if the aching body thing is my normal aching body, or aching because of whatever hellish virus I have managed to contract. I am coping pretty well and driving Daniel nuts with repeated requests for tea, drawings of ponies and velociraptors, and assistance getting the cats the hell off me so I can get out of the recliner and go to the bathroom. Meanwhile I can’t really breathe through my nose and just walking from my chair to the bathroom and back is exhausting. Whatever this is needs to stop it, right now.

In other news, we are TWO DAYS from lockdown on the eggs, with hatching to begin sometime Friday, theoretically. Cross your fingers for the baby chickens!

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Why is it “sick as a dog”?

I have a cold. I hate summer colds. At the moment about all I want to do is lie around alternately sleeping and whining about having a cold. The only foods that sound good are things that are cold and sweet; for lunch I had honey nut Cheerios and Frosted Flakes. For dinner I will likely have chocolate ice cream. There is no point in being a grown-up and getting to set your own menus if you can’t have ice cream for dinner, although come to think of it some chocolate pudding would go down a treat, too.

I should get Sid out and work him, but tonight when I get home I think that instead I will cut up some cheese and reward him heavily for lying around looking majestic. He does that really well these days, it’s just possible he is getting to be a big dog with a serious expression (when he’s not being a ginormous rampaging dork). A service dog can never have too much practice at lying around looking majestic, I tell you.

In other news, Sid’s new harness came. I need to do some hacking with it (adding padding for Sid’s benefit and for mine) and mink oil it but good to soften it up before we start using it. I can probably manage to add some padding in my current state of “blah” but mink oiling the whole huge thing might be a bit much. We’ll see. I ordered it in tan leather because a) it will be way more obvious on him than the current dark leather harness, and hopefully that will stop people claiming they “didn’t realize” he was holding me upright when they started trying to molest him and b) it will match his leash and collar better once I’ve worked some mink oil in, not that I am vain about my dog or anything.

All right, fine, I’m vain about the dog. He is gorgeous and when all suited up in harness and leash he looks very fine, and it’s important to me that he look good. Probably more important to me than looking good myself. But I digress.

Luckily this weekend will be low-stress, I have nothing planned but watching some baby chickens hatch. The eggs in the incubator go on “lockdown” tonight: I take them off the automatic turner, turn the humidity up to 80%, and then wait three days to see what hatches. Exciting!