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Lazy blogging — have some links!

From Marji at For the Pit Bulls: The foundations of empathy are found in the chicken

The study is the first to demonstrate that birds possess one of the important attributes that underpins empathy, and the first study to use both behavioural and physiological methods to measure these traits in birds.

From s. e. smith at this ain’t livin: Sally, Yes, Rover, No

Back in January, the New York Times ran a column by a physician describing how she almost killed the family dog. The column strikes a sort of rueful tone, but also with an overtone of ‘this is an amusing anecdote,’ something I suspect might not be the case had the dog died because of the doctor’s ineptness. It was a cautionary tale and a reminder that accidental ingestion of human medications is one of the leading reasons for calls to animal poison control hotlines.

From L^2 at Dog’s Eye View: Now In Effect

As of yesterday, March 15, 2011, the new revisions to the Americans with Disabilities Act are now in effect.

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I’m slacking again.

Yes, yes, I know. I have a kitten update for you on two of the Three Musketeers, and I really should get out there and get pics of the budding garden, and also we plan on ordering the chicken house here shortly and fixing up the coop (anyone want to show up for a Coop Rebuilding Party?) but I am a lazy blogger.

So instead I will merely tell you that Roo is on Twitter, as @roomanchu. Also you may send him fan mail at

He said all the other famous cats on the internets had Twitter and Gmail accounts, and who am I to make him feel like the weird left-out cat whose people won’t let him be all up to the minute and stuff with technology? It’s never good to be the Odd Cat Out. I do not guarantee that he will tweet anything particularly interesting, but there you go.