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Special Bulletin: World’s Awesomest Cat House

So, the fabulous cat house that Roo and Aida were sharing in yesterday’s post? The Best Mother Ever made it, from thrift-store sweaters that she felted in her washing machine. It is lined with reflective insulation to keep kitties toasty warm. The Best Mother Ever says prices start at around $400, because it was evidently a pain in the ass to make. It even has a little cardinal on the roof, a notion which she bought, but it is looking slightly worse for wear after Emmaline decided to try to eat it.

I was going to upload pics of the other three sides of the house, which feature MORE FLOWERS and also BUMBLEBEES and DRAGONFLIES and FAKE WINDOWS with pics of Roo and Braxton looking out, but I’m a little afraid of setting off some kind of cat cave riot.

Oh and the reason you never saw it before is because Mom delivered it when she came up to babysit while Daniel and I went to Kentucky. I promise, I have not been hiding the World’s Best Cat Cave from you out of spite!

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Life is very busy.

The Best Mother Ever is here, drastic house stuff is going on that includes unpacking boxes that have been packed for years (on the plus side, I found Tink’s wardrobe!) and the resurfacing of the bathroom floor to repair Emmaline’s depredations, we are also installing full range of warmup products that we picked from Thus the lack of posting, as I try to juggle work, school, and drastic house stuff!

So instead of a substantive post, here. Have Zille in Beowulf’s crate, wearing a foodbowl for a hat while she snuggles Rooney Lee.
Silly Zille, a sable Shedder, lies flat on her side in Beowulf's ginormous crate.  She is wearing his foodbowl like a top hat.  Roo is cuddle up against her neck and chest, laying over one of her forelegs to hold her down.  You thought I was kidding about the hat thing, didn't you.

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Never brag on your dogs. Also, epic battle with horse fly.

So the very night after I pen a post saying the Usual Suspects haven’t really done anything all that interesting and have been, and I quote, “shockingly well-behaved”, I go to bed in my bedroom with La Diva Tinkerbella and the Best Mother Ever retires out here on the futon. Sometime around 0200, I am awakened by a Smell. Evidently Tink did not get the time outside she needed to poop, or maybe the rain was just too upsetting for her (she doesn’t like to get wet while she poops) but anyway, the practical upshot of everything is that I owe the Best Mother Ever a new pair of tennis shoes. Tink’s aim is pretty impressive.

This morning, I staggered out of bed, let the dogs out, headed back to the bathroom, went to let the girldogs in, and got buzzed by something that sounded like a very small WW2 fighter aircraft. Being the kind of person who handles these things with grace and aplomb, naturally I shrieked and ducked and flailed my arms, startling the girldogs into skittering into the living room to hunker down, and then slammed the door much too late to keep the invader out. Damn.

Turning, I saw this HUGE INSECT bonking its head repeatedly on a light in the kitchen, watched with deep fascination by the cats. Clearly I had to Take Steps; my compassion for living things ends when GINORMOUS BUGS OF DOOM invade my home, so I groped about for a tool with which to do battle and settled on my heaviest and most compact textbook of the semester, The Woman’s Bible by Elizabeth Cady Stanton. That rumbling sound you hear is generations of dead feminists rolling in their graves at the sacrilege. Luckily horse flies aren’t as flighty as their smaller counterparts, and it only took one mighty blow to knock it dead to the floor, whereupon I had to run interference to stop Roo from trying to eat it. It’s in the trash can now, and I am listening carefully in case it was only stunned and not dead. But I think I slew the mighty beast.

And then I let Beowulf back in, who was sad he had missed all the fun.

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I aten’t dead yet.

Sorry for the hiatus there, gentle readers, life intervened as it has a way of doing. And really, the Usual Suspects have been shockingly well-behaved, which limits the amount of stuff I have to tell you about. Let’s face it, “Nobody ate anything inappropriate, woke me up at an ungodly hour, or otherwise misbehaved” doesn’t really make for scintillating posting!

Well, Tink did try to steal my bed a couple nights ago, and refuses to sleep nicely in the bed without her own blanket and pillow, but this is par for the course and not actually unusual.

Mostly the Best Mother Ever and I have been up to wedding stuff, like finally getting invitations sorted out so they can go out next week, and renting a venue that allows dogs so that my best buddies who appreciate going out in public can be there for the ceremony, and deciding on a reception menu (traditional southern barbecue fare, if you’re interested) and otherwise getting all that together. Which is not really all that interesting to anyone but those of us directly involved, I suspect. I have very few options when it comes to grilling outdoors becuse of dehydrators made for jerky that trauma killed my dreams of doing it as quickly as it killed my basil.

Noodlehead has yet to give birth and continues to look like she swallowed a cantaloupe, whole, while Grace and Briar Rose have definitely had kittens and Grace is definitely feeding them. Briar Rose is a little too shy yet to let me feel up her nipples and see if the fur around them is all stuck down with kitten spit, so I don’t have confirmation on her as of right now.

Oh. We did pick up shampoo for Roo, who needs a bath. You see, some Cornish Rex produce enough coat oils for a full coat, even though they don’t have one, and occasionally require a little help removing it or they get slightly gross. Roo, bless his heart, falls into this camp, and so soon here he will be wrestled into the bath tub and scrubbed down. He’s thrilled about the very prospect, as you can imagine, and so am I.

Hope you’re all doing well, gentle readers, and I promise to get back to blogging more regularly!

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Three…two…one…and then there were none.

All three of my tiny terrorist cells have been embedded now. The bedroom feels pretty empty since I don’t get purrbombed as soon as I walk in the door! It was a little sad for me to part with the little fuzzballs, but on the other hand they are in three excellent homes and I’ve met some fantastic people through this project, from the people spreading the word about kittens to the people who were so generous and donated or bought a scarf to help pay for vet care for kittens, to the people who cheered me on and listened to me whine and flail and complain about kittens. If you ever have doubts about the human race, think of this: there’s three kittens in three loving homes because a bunch of strangers on the internet rallied around them.

None of the people who took in kittens heard about kittens directly from me; one heard from Cherie Priest[1], one heard from a friend who reads Ginmar on Livejournal, and one heard about them on Facebook. Getting the word out is the hardest part, really, so if you run across a plea for a pet who needs help and “all” you can do is get the word out, NEVER think that’s a small thing!

And then there were the people who donated money for their vet care; I don’t want to list names because I don’t have permission from everyone and I’m afraid I’d leave someone out, but you were all so incredibly generous. I seriously had a cry a couple times because people sent what they could to my kittens, and I am so deeply, deeply, incredibly grateful to you all. You are fabulous.

I’m even more afraid of leaving out someone if I start mentioning my support system who listened to me when I was discouraged and propped me up and kept me trying to trap kittens and find homes for kittens. You guys got me through.

All together, the word-passers, and the donators, and the listeners-to-whining, you group of people who have never met each other have done such an incredible and miraculous thing: at the height of kitten season, you guys got my three little boys into perfect homes. I wish I could hug you all.

Meanwhile, back at the Manor, life is settling into what passes for normal. Tonight I can go to sleep with Tink and Roo again; the Best Mother Ever will have everyone else sleeping with her. Lucky Mom! Daniel gets here in less than a month and I still need to clean a bunch of stuff out of his room, in less than two months we’ll be getting married so there’s the wedding to plan. And right around the time the wedding happens, Grace’s kittens will be coming up to get trapped.

I plan on handing kittens out as wedding favors. There’s no way that could possibly go horribly wrong, right?

I JEST. But the thought is tempting.

[1] If you want to show Cherie some love, she is an author! If you like excitement, adventure, and usually some zombies (and if not zombies, explosions, although sometimes there are zombies AND explosions), along with strong female protagonists who are not Too Stupid To Live, well, click on over to her website there and maybe buy a book, k?

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A plethora of puppies

So yesterday I went down to Blackthorn Kennel to visit my friend C and do my weekend job as Hand Model and Puppy Wrangler. I am getting quite experienced at this, seriously, so if you’re looking for a Hand Model and Puppy Wrangler, do let me know so I can expand my portfolio. This weekend, we wrangled the O litter a bit, a charming group of babies with East German bloodlines. Adorable? You have not seen adorable until you have eight four-week-old German Shedders trying to eat your shoes. While they’re on your feet.

Here I am wrangling a puppy, who as you can see is calm and cooperative.
And here you see my superior ability to get a puppy face pointed at the camera!

Zillekins went along and had a grand ol’ time playing with her buddies and I even convinced her to go swimming some, which is nice because it gets her clean without me having to pay someone to scrub her down. Although she could probably use a bath before the wedding. And C and I had a grand ol’ time, talking and going out for Mexican food in addition to eyeballing chickens (I have deep, deep chicken envy) and floating around in the pool trying not to get drowned by dogs. The Best Mother Ever came along for a little bit and got to visit with puppies, but then headed home from there. Never fear, she’ll be back next weekend as wedding planning kicks into gear!

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Air Zille!

The Best Mother Ever is still here, so I got a chance to try and get fun fetchy pics by making her throw the fetchy squirrel-thing for Zille. Alas, most did not come out well because of the poor lighting conditions in the evening, but I did get one striking one!

A full body shot of Zille, a sable German Shedder.  She is nearly upright, having leapt into the air to catch the orange and blue fetchy toy which is clenched in her mighty jaws.  She is catching some serious air, as well as the fetchy toy!

Today, the Best Mother Ever and I are heading down to visit my friend C at Blackthorn Kennel. We will snorgle puppies, I will help out with chicken habitat, and hopefully I will wind up with a tired Shedder!

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Ah, summer.

Apologies for the hiatus, which actually occurred not because my life is insane right now (it is, but not more so than it has been) but because of some very ill-timed thunderstorms which took down my primitive satellite internet connection here at the Manor, I also had an air duct cleaning company coming to my house, so I got pretty busy with them.

Life has otherwise continued apace. Emmaline’s new, more comfy abode is set up (it’s one of these cages) and in Roo’s room, where she can keep him company during the day while not trying to commit felinicide over the food. I hate to keep her locked up but this at least should be better for her than the dog crate, and certainly Zille will be happy to get her crate back. I am hoping this solves some of the problems while I get her fed up to a decent weight and also used to the notion that the food always comes back. I may however be forced to rehome her, or forced to admit she was happier as an outdoor cat. I’d prefer the former to the latter, she is SO incredibly sweet with people. It’s easy to see where her sons got their good nature, you pick her up and she goes limp and starts purring. Possibly there is someone out there who doesn’t want to deal with a kitten but would be good to my sweet Emmaline.

Speaking of Emmaline’s sons, the little goobers are currently charming the Best Mother Ever. It’s a good thing they all have homes lined up because otherwise I think she’d be smuggling a kitten home. The Best Mother Ever is here to fit The Dress and also lend moral support as I was feeling somewhat frazzled. Just today she made 72 cupcakes so we could taste test three different varieties for the wedding. If that isn’t moral support, I don’t know what is.

In dog news, Zille has graduated to collarless living! To qualify for going naked, a dog must know to move out of a person’s way when they say “Excuse me” and also know to get off furniture when asked to “off”. Fabric dining chairs, while are comfortable, they are harder to clean. checkout lafurniturestore. Zille is kind of resistant to the furniture thing but she’s no worse than the Dobermans are, so what the hell. Congratulations, Miss Zille!