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Baby Chicken Surprise

A little lamb with a white star on her forehead looks alertly at the camera while sniffing a person's finger in a search for cheerios.Life, uh, life finds a way… So we’ve had a broody hen. She was nesting on top of some dry leaves and wire, which was not ideal given that she started this endeavor during the polar vortex. I wasn’t really expecting her to hatch anything, and in fact have been debating when to forcibly break […]
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Baby Animal Central

This weekend I get to pick up my final addition to the goat herd — a baby Nubian girl from Chribrydon. After that, there may be one last goat if Esk gives me a doeling, since I’d like to keep one from her.

Excitingly, my pumpkin Hulsey eggs should start hatching day after tomorrow. We’ll put the incubating on hold after that, at least for Old English Game Bantams, and let the little ones we’ve got grow up some so we can make final decisions about who will go and who will stay. We’ve also got five standard-size ginger red Old English Gamefowl coming in from Cackle Hatchery; I’m interested to see how they grow up. But clearly I need to get less lazy about taking pictures, because the Manor is overflowing with adorable baby animals right now and there’s only going to be MORE CUTE coming.

Meanwhile all the other residents are doing just fine. But we do need to build a bunch of chicken tractors so we can get the feathery residents of the Manor out on grass, and reserve the heavily weather-proofed pens for winter, which will give them a chance to get much less, well, chickeny. We’ll be using plans from Mother Earth News, but not buying the kit they endorse, which costs $250 for the PVC frame. I mean, really. You can go buy the PVC at Lowe’s for around $20 and cut it and bend it yourself. There’s only so much I’m willing to spend in the name of convenience.