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Let us have a kitten update!

Behold Emmett, the artist formerly known as Astute!
A young cat, grey tabby and white (mostly white from this angle) stretches across a green and white comforterand looks supremely comfortable.

His person tells me that he has remained a petite cat and still purrs like a very small, very hairy motorcycle. Also he gives kisses, and possibly because he spent some of his formative weeks hanging out with and being licked by Zille, Fetchydog Extraordinaire, he plays fetch. How adorable is that? Freakin adorable, I tell you what. And judging from the pictures he has plenty of sunbeams to nap in when he is not running laps of the house to keep in shape.

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Well that’s a relief.

News the first: Daniel’s visa has been approved! Excitement abounds in these parts, and we’re setting an actual wedding date and working out his plane ticket and everything.

News the second: Emmett (Astute) and Zeke (Intrepid) came through neutering just fine, and in fact appear to have not noticed they had surgery. Ah, the boundless powers of recovery of kittens! They go home this weekend, starting with Zeke on Saturday and then Badger on Sunday morning and Emmett, last kitten standing, on Sunday afternoon, which means this evening I need to do one more photo shoot.

They’re such amazing little guys, really. Emmett of course has been a non-stop purrbot from day one, but Zeke and Badger have gone from being little balls of hissy hate for all things human to enthusiastically curious and friendly and adorable kittens. Although they are looking much less kitteny already, these days they look more like little miniature cats. And while I can’t wait for life to return to semi-normal here, I’m going to miss the little buggers. Emmett is the very image of his mama Emmaline, only with the coloring of Romeo (with added tabby stripes–will he grow out of them? I don’t know.), right down to the adorable wee back-curved ears that look a little like devil horns. Badger is a small pile of stripey, fluffy, snuggly goodness, with the most amazing long eyelashes and of course adorable white toes in front. Zeke is just more of a handsome bastard every day, his straight profile and larger ears very reminiscent of the build of an “Oriental” body-type breed like the Siamese or the Cornish Rex, but covered in a soft, long coat that features Bengal-type stripes and spots.

I’m hoping their new owners keep me posted as they grow into adult cats, and I get to see them become huge and indolent beasts who take over their new households with rampaging demands for love and playtime.

News the third: the Best Mother Ever will be here today, hooray! Because now that we know when Daniel will be arriving, we can do actual wedding stuff.

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One is the loneliest number…

With Emmett and Zeke (Astute and Intrepid) at the vet last night, I thought I should sleep with Badger to keep him from being too lonely, given that he was distress calling and all.

Never again, gentle reader. Who would have thought that one little kitten was much more difficult to sleep with than three? But he was. He snuggled me ferociously, kneading with tiny kittenpaws (and claws), he tried to get me to play with him, he meeped at me if petting and interaction was not forthcoming. I finally fell into a fitful sleep around 2130 and then got woken up at midnight for round two, at which point I moved out to the futon in the living room where the adults welcomed me with peaceful snuggling. There is something to be said for being cuddled by a total of 200 pounds of dog and 8 pounds of cat.

In other news, are you in the midwest? Do you need a dog? Allow me to introduce you to Grace! She is a sweetheart being fostered with some people I know in Kansas, and she is looking for her forever people. Her ideal home would have no small animals in it, as she has some prey drive going on, but she lovesloveslooooooves people and would like nothing better than some people who want to pet her and let her stay near them all the time. Check her out, hey? And pass the word along if you have a midwestern friend looking for a sweet girl to hang out with.

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Kitten update, again.

Emmett (Astute) and Zeke (Intrepid) go in to get neutered this week, the scarf sale topped off funds enough for it! Yay! There’s still three left if you feel the urge to own one! I drop them off Tuesday night, they get snipped on Wednesday, and I pick them up on Thursday, vax’d and neutered and ready to go. Badger needs to go in to get vax’d, the little bugger can’t get neutered because one testicle hasn’t bothered to descend yet, but his new person has graciously agreed to take him anyway and we will work out the neutering later. Hopefully I can set up times to get the other two boys into their new homes this weekend, too!

This weekend won’t be a moment too soon, I’m really fond of the little hairy buggers, who have gone from being little fearful feral beasties to small cats who purrbomb you the minute you step into the room, seriously. I am so proud of how they’ve come around!

Next up, getting Emmaline spayed and continuing the quest to integrate her into the household, and figuring out how to get a pregnant cat to a friend of mine in Illinois. No rest for the wicked! Oh, and Daniel’s interview is Thursday, and school starts the 19th, so life is about to get really, really exciting on top of the usual cat- and dog-related excitement. Wish me luck!

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Tuesday round up?

The Three Musketeers all visited the vet yesterday, Emmett (Astute) and Badger have had stuffy noses and runny eyes. Zeke (Intrepid) just had light nose crusties, but I figured whatever the other two had, well, he probably had it too. The vet diagnosed your average viral URI (Upper Respiratory Infection) with secondary bacterial infection, so now twice a day I am squirting Clavamox down kitten throats. Woo. Luckily they are young enough to be forgiving, and have forgotten about it 10 seconds later.

I’ve had a request for Jeremiah Swakhammer update, so here you go: he is being a turtle. This means I see him about twice a week; I just drop off the salad and it gets eaten or it doesn’t. Meanwhile, he shuttles between the two hides I made (one of which he enlarged) and a place in the compost pile in the middle of his pen with occasional stops for a dip in his pool. Truth to tell, he’s the least troublesome of my current inmates, and I find I’m really fond of his quiet non-demanding lifestyle. The most care he requires is some chopped salad and the occasional batch of slugs, snails, or worms tossed into his pen, plus a light spray-down to keep his place moist. Compared to the rest of the beasts here, that’s fantastic. Oh, and he ate the leaves on his cantaloupe vine and then dug up the stem and stomped it. Right, message received: no more canteloupe vines for you, Mr. Swakhammer.

Meanwhile, Emmaline started aggressively attacking the resident cats in an attempt to bogart all the food. I realize she grew up under circumstances that make guarding food sources seem quite urgent, but still, that behavior isn’t going to fly. I moved her to the bathroom, and she proceeded to remove some of the linoleum. I have ordered her a cat cage to live in while I figure out what on earth to do with her. It’s kitten season so I suspect the odds of finding her a great home where she can be a single cat, or even a multi-cat home that free feeds from a couple widely-separated stations, are slim to none. I hate to send her back outside, but she was admittedly pretty happy there. Unfortunately she also appears to be coming into heat, so she can’t go outside for another couple weeks anyway until after she’s been spayed. Meanwhile, she’s living in Zille’s crate. Zille is not amused.

The rest of the Usual Suspects are having a fine old time now that the weather has cooled off enough for extensive dog-play outside and for me to have windows open in the house; the cats love to sit at the screens and sniff the great outdoors. I’m chugging along, Daniel’s interview is in 9 days, school starts in 2 weeks, and there’s wedding planning to do. No rest for the wicked!

Have a happy link, via Rinalia at For the Pit Bulls: three stray dogs who were adopted by soldiers in Afghanistan thwart a suicide bomber; one dog dies in the blast and the other two get homes in the US with grateful soldiers.

Oh, and my spamtrap for the blog here has evidently decided that EVERYONE with a website link is a spammer. If you comment and it seems that nothing happens, please be patient, I’ll release your comment from the spambucket as soon as I can!

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I have triumphed over the tricksiness of canines.

When Zille feels it gets too warm in the house, she lays on her back in the hallway, leaned against the wall. I’ve been trying to get a pic of her doing this for AGES AND AGES now and repeatedly failed. Until yesterday, my friends. Until yesterday.

Zille, a sable German Shedder, lays on her back on the wood laminate floor, with her legs tucked up in the universal dead dog pose.  She is leaned against the wall to keep her body on its back.  The side of her face rests against the floor and her eyes stare vacantly into space, completing the look of a dog in rigor mortis.

In other news, Astute’s new person met him yesterday, and he was purry and charming and hardly bit her at all! She will take him home in two weeks, and his new name is Emmett. Huzzah!

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Who wants a kitten update?

It’s weird, but now that the Three Musketeers have homes lined up, I am allowing myself to be much more fond of them. I guess it’s OK to adore kittens who are in no danger of becoming permanent residents.

Badger is snuffly and snotty at the moment, but is also still playing, eating, drinking, pooping, and peeing (in that order) so instead of rushing him to the vet Friday I’ve kept the humidifier on in the bedroom for him and he has an appointment Monday. Astute and Zeke (formerly Intrepid) go in to get neutered on Tuesday provided THEY haven’t come down with the sniffles. Fingers crossed!

Speaking of fingers crossed, Astute’s prospective new person is coming to do meet-and-greet this afternoon! So let us count on him to be his usual adorable purry charming self, only with less biting people in an exploratory fashion.

But what you REALLY want is pictures, right? Right.
Astute is really enamored of the bed:
Astute, a little grey and white shorthair kitten, stands on a pile of comforter on the bed, contemplating whether or not he can get away with attacking the camera strap.

Zeke is going to grow up to be so heart-breakingly handsome, just look at him!
Zeke, a long-haired tabby and white kitten whose white markings are very striking, but not as striking as his eyes, gazes dreamily at the camera.

Badger is… Dammit, Badger, put your tongue back in.
Badger, a long-haired mostly tabby kitten with a white bib under his chin, gazes just off the camera and licks his nose, ruining a lovely picture.

That’s better. Badger is adorable is what he is, having gone from McHissypants The Second to a kitten who meeps insistently at me if I’m petting someone other than him.
Badger sits, his stripey body in profile but his face turned toward the camera, gazing in wide-eyed kitteny innocence at the photographer.  Do not be fooled, he's up to something.

I tried to get a pic of all three kittens together, but I clearly need kitten-wrangling help and this was the best I could do:
The Three Musketeers!  The photographer is standing and the kittens are viewed from above.  Zeke and Badger walk towards the photographer, Astute is facing the opposite direction and is contemplating climbing the door.  There's always one.

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More weird googled phrases.

Things people have searched for that have lead to my blog:
“dog wearing blue hat”
Lucky you, anonymous Googler! You’ve come to exactly the right blog for a picture of a dog wearing a blue hat.

“meaning of finding a turtle in the road”
It means you’re about to have to stop your car and move a turtle out of the road. Turtles sometimes get more active just ahead of and during the time when a low pressure front moves through an area, but generally when we’re getting good turtle weather they’re just wandering around. You’re more apt to find them late in the morning, when things have warmed up enough to get them going but the roads are not yet really hot.

In other news, I slept locked in the bedroom with kittens last night, and they actually let me sleep! Zeke (formerly Intrepid) was first to come up on the bed and snuggle and purr, followed by Astute, with mellow little Badger bringing up the rear. Bless their fuzzy hearts, they all found a nook to curl up in against my body and with their little motors turned up to 11 they sent me off to sleep. Sometimes I do actually like the little guys.

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I thought of several titles for this…

…but all of them would have gotten me a bunch of google hits I did not want.

I was having horrifying muscle spasms in my back and shoulders last night, so I tried to take a nice relaxing bath. Tried.

First the Three Musketeers sat on the edge of the tub and stared at me. Then they batted at the water. Then Astute and Zeke (the artist formerly known as Intrepid, his new people have selected a new name for him) decided to try to snuggle.

It did not end well. How I avoided getting scratched I do not know, but I did get both boys out of the bath water before they drowned. They proceeded to deluge the bathroom. Badger, bless him, just sat on the edge of the tub and hung his front paws down to soak his adorable white toes. I guess he wants help keeping them clean.

I have now moved the kittens to my bedroom. The only problem is, it makes me afraid to go to sleep. I am writing this the night before; if you don’t hear from me again it’s because the kittens got me.

EDITED TO ADD: I ended up having to sleep on the futon. See, Tink and Roo both have to sleep with me, and we ended up with a situation where Tink wanted to play with the kittens. Zeke (formerly Intrepid) was being cute and playing with Tink, but this meant there was a lot of bouncing going on from beings of various weight classes. Meanwhile, Badger and Astute wanted to play with Roo, who wanted none of it. They cornered him under the bed and laughed at his hideous noises of disapproval. I gave up and moved into the living room with Tink and Roo and just hope my bedroom survived the night.

Meanwhile, this post from a totally different Roo over at This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things totally made my morning already. And it’s only 0430.

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The kittens react to the Good News.

Last night I told the kittens that every one of them has a home lined up.

Astute was so overcome with excitement, he could barely contain himself:
Astute, a small grey and white tabby kitten, lolls in his bed while eyeing the photographer with a certain amount of kittenly skepticism.  I assure you that he was, however, purring.

Intrepid, true to his thoughtful nature, had to have a ponder:
Intrepid, a long-haired tabby and white kitten with a cute white nose and gorgeous almond-shaped eyes, looks very thinky.

Badger was concerned: Would there be noms at his new home? I assured him that there would be.
Badger, a mostly tabby long-haired kitten with the world's most adorable white toes on his front feet, huddles over the food dish and looks concerned.

With the big news out of the way, I sat down in the floor with the boys. Astute wanted to know how I was taking the news that they’d all soon be departing:
Astute, sitting on the photographer's abdomen, leans up towards her face with an air of deep concern.  It is, in fact, possible that he is concern trolling your humble narrator.  Cats are natural concern trolls.

Badger just hoped I wasn’t going to be wearing plaid pajama pants when meeting other people, and also wondered why Astute was in his spot:
Badger lays across the photographer's shins, which are clad in plaid pajama pants that are predominantly pale blue but include white and black stripes.  He obviously disapproves of the pants.  Astute's butt is visible at the bottom of the frame, and this also apparently concerns Badger no end.

Intrepid wanted to reassure me that even though he plans on adoring his new family, I will always be his first human and he will remember me for at least 24 hours or until the first time they throw a jingle ball for him, whichever comes first:
Intrepid and your humble narrator exchange a tender nose kiss.