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Legion vs Phalanx Read Along Sign In

I mean there may be like 3 of us? But let’s do this thing! Speak up in the comments to let us all know you’re reading along and how long do we need to do chapter 1?

11 thoughts on “Legion vs Phalanx Read Along Sign In

  1. Tagging to lurk and follow the discussion!

  2. I expect to be through Chapter 1 today, but my reading speed is high. :)

    1. I’m also an outrageously fast reader, heh.

  3. Okay okay I started it, and so far it’s pretty snappy reading, so yes I commit to reading along.

  4. Read through it once, I’ll do it again for the conversation!

  5. What the hell – I’ve always wanted to learn a little more history. I’ll buy it and start tonight. I can have at least 1st chapter done by tomorrow.

  6. Chapter one read, into chapter two.

  7. I’ll start tomorrow, fast reader

  8. Sounds like fun. I probably won’t have much to say, but I’m in.

    Should be done with chapter one tonight.

  9. If it’s not too late, I’m interested in jumping in. It’s been a while since I read any history and it would be nice to get back into it.

    1. Welcome, leap right in! The first post for section 1 chapter 1 is up, so you’re right on time.

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