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Probably the last two lambs

A little lamb with a white star on her forehead looks alertly at the camera while sniffing a person's finger in a search for cheerios.
Ella’s ewe lamb from last year serves as a placeholder image to protect images of lambs from this year.

Of course, every time I say that, someone else has another lamb. But the last ewe left is the one in the place holder image…

A little lamb with a black nose and legs and a face flecked with grey hairs.
This little ewe lamb was born to the one ewe I legitimately wanted to have a ram lamb. Last year was the year of rams, this year it was nearly all ewes! Interestingly she looks nearly just like Ariene, the mother of goth lamb, did when she was a baby despite being only vaguely related.

A little light golden brown lamb sniffs at the camera at close range.
This smiley little girl is the second light phase ewe lamb to be born this year! She’ll be gold like my ram, Tanllychar.

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