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New Lamb! New Lamb!

A little lamb with a white star on her forehead looks alertly at the camera while sniffing a person's finger in a search for cheerios.
Ella’s ewe lamb from last year serves as a placeholder image to protect images of lambs from this year.

This morning was sort of monumental, in that for the first time in 3 years I actually got to watch a Soay ewe give birth (I live-tweeted it, because of course I did).

The Soay herd queen ran around eating breakfast with a sac of amniotic fluid hanging out of her, and didn’t get down to the business of pushing until she was damned well good and done with her food. When she finally did settle, she laid down right in front of me to have this small perfect ram lamb.

A dark brown ewe with elegant backswept horns and  cream markings on her belly and around her eyes stands over a small wet lamb, looking at the camera as if to say 'Well that certainly happened'.

It didn’t take long for the little guy to get on his feet, although legs are pretty hard when you’re tiny and have just been born.

A tiny dark brown lamb slightly smaller than your average cat stands unsteadily while his mom gently encourages him.

Goth Lamb, the firstborn Soay of the year, came over to check him out and say “WTF I’m not the littlest sheep anymore?”

The tiny lamb checks his mom's chest to see if there's an udder there. Meanwhile a black lamb roughly twice his size looks at the camera as if astonished.

He found mom’s udder quite speedily and got his first slurps of colostrum, freeing me to come inside. I’d be more pleased if he were a ewe, but I’m still so pleased that Jane trusted me enough to have her baby right in front of me! She’s one of my first Soay ewes.

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