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Hellfire Books

Look, blame Ursula Vernon for this, OK? She quipped on Twitter that I was like the Fox Fire books, but set in hell, and then I started tweeting out snippets of wisdom from the alternate universe in my brain where, in fact, the Fox Fire books were set in hell. And then a bunch of people said “Write that and take my money!”

I am slow at writing. Real slow. Depression gets in the way along with a bunch of other stuff. But here for your delectation, my beloved patrons, is the current working draft of Hellfire Book One. Will there ever be a book two? Fucked if I know. Currently this consists of the collected tweets from my creepy little thread, plus expansions on some of them. Eventually I will have expansions on all of them, and there will be illustrations.

But for now, click this link to get your free download. Epub and mobi formats for maximum accessibility, so grab your favorite e-reading device or software and take a 10 minute break. I hope you enjoy, and I look forward to finishing this someday.

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