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Naming Extravaganza!

That’s right, we have not one but two sheep who need name suggestions. And I still need to draw a name for the little light phase Soay wether, so once these two ewes have their suggestions in we’ll just draw all kinds of names in one swell foop. Or rather I’ll put a bunch of names in a bucket and see if I can convince a goat to draw them, now that I’ve figured out livestreaming via Twitter. Someday I’ll manage to figure out a better platform for that one…

The first sheep for your consideration is Ella’s little daughter, who is remaining here to make lambs for the freezer and possibly for sale to other flocks that want parasite and disease resistant sheep with really good feet and who don’t demand a huge size.
A little lamb with a white star on her forehead looks alertly at the camera while sniffing a person's finger in a search for cheerios.
She is bright-eyed and enthusiastic about people now that she has discovered we are a source of cheerios. Her body wool is white, and she has golden legs and a very Soay face color except for that white star. She will be more petite than her mother Ella, but probably larger than a Soay. It’s hard to tell with an F1 cross!

The second sheep for your consideration is the young Soay ewe who broke one of her horns off early last year. In a switch from my usual, I’m seriously hoping she gives me a son. Her intact horn is magnificent and has a nice wide curve to it that suggests her sons will have horns that won’t hit their faces and require trimming.
A little borwn sheep with cream makrings around her eyes and one broken horn looks up at the person holding the camera as if to say Are You Kidding Me? A persons's empty hand is visible in front of her.
This little ewe is particularly hilarious because if you don’t produce cheerios fast enough for her liking, or if conditions aren’t exactly right (yesterday I had a friend over and that was upsetting) she will stomp at you. A lot. Sheep use stomping as an alarm indication, to express frustration, and to attempt to intimidate sheepdogs. It’s a multi-purpose activity that indicates an angry and/or frustrated sheep who doesn’t like what’s in front of it. And she definitely doesn’t like a hand empty of cheerios, and will stomp at you relentlessly until you have made cheerios happen. At which point, of course, she’s been rewarded for stomping and it becomes a self-perpetuating cycle. Ah well, there’s worse behaviors to reward in a sheep. Lady Jane has experimented with swiping people with her horns if they don’t give up the cheerios, which needs careful management.

So there you go! Please indicate in the comments which sheep you’re suggesting a name for, and do feel free to suggest names for both. You are not limited to one sheep per person or even to suggesting one name per sheep!

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