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Just a few more days to get through

A group of sheep and goats stand close to the photographer while farther away a brown sheep and a white sheep zoom joyfully around the paddock.
Everyone here seems to have survived the “bomb cyclone” – we’re far enough west that we just caught the edge and got maybe an inch of snow as you can see from the above photo.

The polar vortex still has us in its grip, though, with sub-freezing highs and brutal lows predicted to continue until Monday. At which point the temp will rocket up to 44F and there will be rain, which means the entire world is going to turn into mud. We really need the rain, most of the state including my area has been in drought conditions since summer. But I’m not looking forward to the mud at all.

The warmer temps will mean that Beamer and I can go back to herding practice – right now the goats especially need every calorie just to stay warm so we haven’t been working. The mud means my little collie is going to get weekly baths.

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