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Saturday Link Round Up

In our education systems, we have come to think that soil simply means dirt and that dirt means dirty. But dirt is not dirty; it is the source of life. Without it there is no life.

“It was hard not to apply fertilizer. It was hard,” Fender said. “But it has convinced me that with a good cover crop, you can get a good yield.”

As [the widespread modernization and industrialization of farming in the U.S.] made produce cheaper, more uniform and in some cases, less flavorful, “authentic” and “heritage” foods offer consumers an alternative.

The Soay Sheep Project has been running in its current form since 1985, with continuous collection of information about individuals including genetic parentage, morphological data and life-histories. This has enabled ground-breaking research into topics including population dynamics, evolution and genetics, ageing and parasite infection in a natural setting.

…due to humans enticing the goats to come close by offering food, the goats are becoming habituated to humans and behaving aggressively in an attempt to obtain human foods according to USFS official[sic].

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