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Saturday Link Roundup

Maria Moreira is helping immigrants be involved with agriculture at Flats Mentor Farm.

Sea levels are rising due to global climate change. If we’re really going to see a meter rise over the next century I suspect your grandkids can kiss New York City goodbye.

An explanation of why, despite the name, global warming doesn’t necessarily mean warmer winters. If I never again hear “so much for global warming!” in the middle of a polar vortex it will still be way too soon.

A study suggests that tree canopies may reduce the effects of climate change on the forest understory. Yet another reason to get out there and plant more trees! We already know trees can help with the urban heat island effect.

Designer Katharina Unger wants to make it easy for people to turn plastic into food. Fungi that feed on organic waste are already the quiet heroes of soil building efforts. This could help even more.

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