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Holy Crap Bees, also I am a forgetful planter

So I have no idea what the viney things at the south end of our garden are this year, other than “Some kind of melon or squash” but whatever they are, we are going to be drowning in them. The strawberries are already producing epic amounts of berries compared to previous years, the zucchini have just started flowering and as soon as a flower open a bee gets to it and it closes and sets fruit, it seems like.

Turns out having a busy hive of resident pollinators really does make a difference. I’m more than a little bit afraid of what’s going to happen when the beans and peas start flowering. The peas nearly buried us last year and that was without a beehive 50 feet away. This year I suspect we’ll be trolling the streets of Fredericksburg and Culpeper looking for cars with their windows down so we can leave bags of peas in them, and with an 80 Gallon air compressor so we could steal it. Ok, that last part may be a lie!

But next year I’m definitely keeping a record of what I’ve planted where, so I have some idea what kind of fruit or vegetable the garden is about to bury us in.

One thought on “Holy Crap Bees, also I am a forgetful planter

  1. LOL….I’m having the same problem, I thought I’d remember where everything was and/or recognize the plants, not so much :/

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