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What a week!

Whew! Thanks so much to all of you who helped make the launch of the Holy Goats Emporium Etsy Shop a huge success. I’m embarrassed to say that the response in fact overwhelmed my cautious preparations, so now I’m feverishly making soap to restock and waiting on a shipment of lotion bottles so I can restock that, too. My goodness!

On the plus side, the goats have totally paid for their own feed for the month of November through the profits from sales this week! Yay goats! I think this is the first time a hobby of mine has ever shown signs of being self-sufficient, and given that I’m still unemployed having the goats paying for their own food is all to the good.

At any rate, y’all will be the first to know when the shop is restocked; look for lotion to come first (probably just in time to miss the massive retail fuss around Black Friday, sigh) and then the soaps will start going up as soon as they’re cured in early December.

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