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Wednesday is for goats who refuse to stop lactating

Have I introduced Luv-R-Goats JHV Ambrosia? I don’t remember and I’m too lazy to go back through and look, so you get to meet her again if I did. Brosia to her friends, she came to me courtesy of Pun Kids Farm. I’ve been trying to dry her off for over two months now, and she just refuses to even consider ceasing lactation. She says she lives to lactate. I have argued her down to 3 quarts a milking now that I’m milking her every other day; previously she was giving me a gallon. It’s progress.

Ambrosia is a LaMancha, with what are called gopher ears, which means that no, no one cut her ears off. She was born like that. She is a very friendly and exceptionally inquisitive girl who likes to follow you around nibbling your fingers delicately until you give her actual food. And boy, does she love her food. It’s the only thing she loves more than going to get a drink and then coming over to dry her tiny little beard off on your hand.

Ambrosia, an earless LaMancha goat, rests her chin on my hand and looks straight into the camera.  Her coat is black, with gold stripes running from her eyebrows down to her nose.  Her nose is white.  She appears to be smiling in the way of a creature who is plotting something.

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