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Dairy Goat Profile: Wednesday is for baby goats!

Continuing my theme of playing catch up, here is Sophie (Esk’s baby). She is a really adorable little thing who is totally testing my commitment to selling excess goats and keeping the herd size under 10.

A head shot of Sophie, who is sitting in my lap. She has a black face with brown stripes running from eyes to nose, a white patch on top of her head, a white splodge on her nose, and two white streaks on her chin that make her look sort of like she has vampire fangs.

She recently discovered her ability to leap into and out of human laps without assistance. Given the hardness of the heads of even very small goats, this means that sitting down in the goat pen is a high-risk occupation and may result in receiving a ballistic baby goat to the face. But like all kids, she is adorable and sweet and wants to suck on your fingers and if you hug her enough, she will eventually settle down for a lovely cuddle and nap.

2 thoughts on “Dairy Goat Profile: Wednesday is for baby goats!

  1. She is completely precious. What a cutie. :D

  2. OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG! Sophie is adorable!!

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