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I try things so you don’t have to: Burger King’s Bacon Sundae

Cashing in on the bacon craze, Burger King is offering a sundae for a limited time that features soft-serve vanilla ice cream, caramel & chocolate sauce, and BACON. Yeah, I know. I couldn’t help myself. I am the kind of person who pours maple syrup all over her bacon before she eats it, so how could this possibly go wrong?

It’s disappointingly meh. You could get the same effect with pretzel bits, which is sad. I suspect it might work better with better bacon and also a less overpoweringly sweet combo of ice cream and sauces. On the other hand, I’m not invested enough in the concept to actually try making one at home with good bacon and homemade goat milk ice cream.

Skip it, says I, and just go get pancakes and bacon and cover your bacon in maple syrup.

One thought on “I try things so you don’t have to: Burger King’s Bacon Sundae

  1. The Lad has invented what he calls “The Super Breakfast”. It’s two rolled crepes: one is filled with baked beans, and the other is filled with bananas, blueberries, and bacon. The whole is served with maple syrup.

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