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Blogging two days in a row?!

I know, it’s like hell has frozen over or something.

Today, I get to go pick up Ambrosia! I am excited, especially since May managed to give herself an abscess biting the inside of her cheek and it didn’t respond to antibiotics, which means I am going to have to call the vet out to drain it. She’ll be under enough stress without having to produce tons of delicious milk, so I’ll be drying her off earlier than intended. Luckily Ambrosia is already in milk, so we will not be forced to go back to buying cow milk from the grocery store. Not that there’s anything inherently wrong with cow milk, just that when you’re used to drinking raw milk with about twice the butterfat content of whole pasteurized/homogenized cow milk from the store, well, the store milk tastes kind of bland.

Actually it tastes like slimy water.


In other news, because I know I have tea drinkers out there reading and because I like to ruin your budget by presenting you with the coolest stuff I can find, let me point you to my friend Summer’s tea sale. You should probably also be reading her blog, because holy crap does that lady do some amazing things with food that is gluten-free and tailored for a range of other food allergies. I wish she lived next door, because I’d totally be providing her with milk and eggs and veggies if she would just, y’know, share her leftovers. At any rate, check out her teas!

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