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News Round Up

I know, lazy blogger again. I blame the weather, which has been storming a lot, which always ups my pain levels.


Josie and First (now Fiona) have gone off to a new home! I struggled over whether to sell Josie as she is a sweetheart with people, but the fact remains that she’s aggressive with smaller goats, and with Annabelle and Esk due to give birth in September I’m about to have a large passle of small goats around. So anyway, a friend of a friend was looking for goats, and thus off Josie went with Fiona in tow.

Speaking of Annabelle, she is HUGE. Given the changes to her back end, I’m not expecting her to go far past her earliest due date of August 26th. Tiny goats ahoy! Esk may be up to a month later, she’s not showing the same signs of impending goatlings but lagging behind her sister. I’m OK with that.

I have an actual two-stall barn being delivered at some point in the next month. Yee haw! I am kind of hoping it gets here before Annabelle gives birth, because it would make life ever so much easier. At any rate, one 10′ x 10′ stall will be the Goat Ladies’ Boudoir, the other will be for milking, kidding, and feed storage. There may be a Barn Painting Party involved for which I may need to get some overhead monorail conveyors. Mostly because I am kind of inclined to throw a party.

Soon I’ll be bringing home a new doe from Pun Kids Farm, Love-R-Goats Ambrosia (scroll down on this page to see her). She’s a lovely La Mancha doe who will provide me with a full-size milker to back May up. I was over at Pun Kids a couple weeks ago to learn how to give a goat a show clip, and Ambrosia relentlessly sucked up to me — nibbling delicately at my fingers, asking for love, and otherwise being utterly charming. Who was I to say no when I heard she was for sale? We were already in love! Anyway, I am excited to add such a lovely doe, and looking forward to feeding her cookies for years to come.

I also managed to convince Pun Kids to take the bearded silkies, since we’re re-organizing the flock to be more self-sufficient and let us face it, while bearded silkies are totally adorable floof balls, they are not exactly what you want for a flock that free-ranges to keep the bugs down. To be honest, I seriously need to cut down the number of bantams in general, which means getting pics of the actual pairs for sale (we have several pairs of bantam Sumatras along with Old English Game Bantams!) and updating the For Sale page now that the bearded silkies and the goats are off it.

School starts in 3 weeks, my last semester at the local community college to finish up my general education requirements, and then I need to figure out what the hell I’m doing in terms of a bachelor’s degree. I have no idea. On the other hand, I came up to site the other day, and I think I figured where my kids are going to assist next year.

I have a big blue truck. I am in love with it. Daniel keeps having to stop me from finding random things to throw in the bed and haul around. Look!
An enormous dark blue pick up truck with a full-size, four-door cab and an 8 foot long bed.  IT HAS LIGHTS ON TOP YOU GUYS. Also it is approximately twice as long as either Honda CRV which was previously the biggest thing I've driven.
It has a diesel engine so it actually gets 22mpg which is not bad for a freakin ginormous truck. It can haul a LITERAL TON OF STUFF in the bed. Like, I can put 2,000 pounds of ANYTHING in there. ANYTHING I WANT.

Ahem. So there’s my life lately — how are you?

4 thoughts on “News Round Up

  1. Okay… So I can’t not comment… since we’ve been looking for a truck for ages for a decent price. Kudos on the monster. and yes that’s really good mileage for a diesel.

    1. I feel deeply lucky to have found this truck at a price we could afford. It’s never going to win any beauty contests but the body & engine are solid and it is so much cheaper to buy hay and feed in bulk that the sucker will pay for itself in two or three years.

      I haunted Craigslist for MONTHS to find the sucker. My husband was deeply tired of hearing about it!

  2. So I go on vacation and miss the soap giveaway, truck purchase, barn purchase, goat and chicken rearrangement and all general updates? The moms are always the last to know!


  3. Josie and Fiona have so far been very happy in their new home. They get to spend a good bit of quality time out of their 32×32 paddock and eating copious quantities of weeds and vines where we really need them. Now we just need to get our milking stand finished – we got it about 2/3 of the way done Monday before real life intervened again.

    By the way – your new Ford toy will safely haul a lot more than a measly ton. :) The labels of half ton, three quarter ton, and one ton truck are about sixty years old, and really have nothing to do with your actual factory ratings. Your truck with that engine will weigh about 6800 pounds empty, and should be rated by the factory at 10,000 pounds fully loaded including passengers and cargo (could be up to 11,000 depending on your options). You can find out from your door sticker. The difference between that load rating and the empty weight is what you can carry, which in the case of your truck is at least 3,000lb minimum, or a ton and a half. The same truck with a regular cab and a gas engine is half a ton lighter, and can actually carry a full two tons.

    Please feel free to email or call Tatiana or I if you have any truck questions. I’ve been building Fords the same age as yours for fun for somewhere around 12 years now, and we probably have almost enough parts lying around to build one from scratch by now. :)

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