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Giving up on videos…FOR NOW!

All right, these videos are clearly not going to upload until I go get reliable internet from Panera or somewhere.

THEREFORE you will have to suffer, gentle readers, with having the winners announced by text.

Second was the helpful goat who selected both winners, I should note. The chickens refused to select a winner at all.

The two lucky readers are Liz Black Dog and Arwen Lune! I’m about to e-mail y’all and put you in touch with Kate so you can pick soap and she can bill me.

Should we do this again next month? If I dye a few silk and cotton scarves, would people be interested in winning one?

VIDEO OF THE DRAWINGS, which is, I assure you, cute as hell, will appear as soon as I can make it happen!

3 thoughts on “Giving up on videos…FOR NOW!

  1. Eeeee! Thank you Andrea! Thank you goatie!

    This is fun. Now I’m considering doing occasional little giveaways for interesting half-skeins of yarn I have kicking around the place… I’m sure my cats could be persuaded to pick a winner somehow.


    *happy soap dance*

  3. I would love a chance to get a scarf/bandanna for Strider to wear so he’s not all big, black and skeery. (Couldn’t do soaps, too many allergies in this house!)

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