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I’m a lazy blogger, but I want to give you presents!

So here is the thing. I’m actually kind of a selfish person, and I haven’t seen my friend Kate properly since Daniel and I got married. Kate is an amazing person, and her goal is to buy herself an RV so she can become nomadic. She has promised to visit me properly when she becomes nomadic. Therefore, I feel it is my bounden duty to assist Kate in her goal to get an RV, because I would like to be visited!

The deal, therefore, is this! Y’all head on over to Om Shanti Naturals, which is Kate’s online shop, and poke around at her soaps. Then come back here and leave a comment telling me which one you’d like to try. I will write the names of commenters on little slips of paper, put them in a hat, and take them to the goats. The first name that a goat pulls out of the hat will receive the Everything But The Sink gift set from Kate, featuring the soap that they mentioned in the comments, and the best part is that the winner will also be getting a discount code buy from the plantwear site, sounds amazing rigt!

I am going to try my best to get video of the goat (whichever one volunteers) drawing the name, because I think it’s likely to be kind of hilarious.

Obviously this one set is not going to push Kate over the edge into RV-ownership, but it’s just possible that some of you who do not win will choose to buy soap from her, or possibly massage oil or lip balm, and my nefarious plan to get Kate to Virginia will thus be served. But either way, someone will get some free soap! Who doesn’t love free soap?

ETA it occurs to me I should probably put a closing date on this. Let’s end it on the 25th of July, shall we? On the 26th, the goats shall make their choice!

16 thoughts on “I’m a lazy blogger, but I want to give you presents!

  1. I’d love to try the Lime Rosemary! Sounds divine!

  2. I lurve me some Kate soap. I don’t even have to go to the website because my favorite is her purple lavendar. And vanilla orange massage oil, and everything citrus ever lip balm, and sugar scrub. We also have nefarious plans to disguise ourselves as llamas so we can get raw fibers to knit into spiffy things and support our nomad existance. It’s a fantastic plan!

  3. Do the salt and sugar scrubs count as ‘soap’?
    ‘Cause the Lime & Juniper scrub sounds intriguing. I want something where I can come in from working in the 95 degree studio all covered in sweat and grime and glass powder and metal fumes and enthusiastically sand a layer off my entire body — but I want something slightly more girlie than lava soap and less overpoweringly fake-scented than St. Ives Apricot scrub. Is a salt and sugar scrub vigorously scrubby, or should I email Kate and ask if she can make something special for me with actual sand or some solid grit? I’ve been thinking about doing just that for a while, just haven’t found my ’round to-it’. Right. I should email Kate.

    1. Sure, I will count the scrubs as “soap” for the purposes of the giveaway! I found them more than scrubby enough to take off a layer of skin if used vigorously, and also moisturizing enough that I didn’t itch for days afterward. Also they make a great bath additive, between the oils and the salts.

      1. Ooh, hooray! I did email her and she’s going to make a special ‘extra scrubby’ jar for me (I decided on the mint tea tree one), so I, too, am assisting with her RV goal. Maybe she’ll let you ride in her RV and come out to Wisconsin to visit. I’ll make shiny things for you!

  4. OMG dark chocolate ginger sounds amazing! Of course, so do several others, but that was the first one to grab my attention and the one that I kept coming back to, so I’ll pick that one. Thanks for the link, though, her shop seems awesome!

  5. The basil lemongrass soap sounds delightful (as does a video of a goat drawing a name :) ). Thanks for pointing us to her shop–I may have to treat myself to some of her other goodies…dark chocolate lip balm? Yes, please!

  6. Spearmint Calendula sounds best for me. Yay.

  7. Ooo, if I had money, I’d so throw it her way to try that lavendar & tea trea body wash. (I’m weird, but I prefer body wash to soap. I know, I know. I said I’m weird!)

    I’ve actually been meaning to try my hand at making my own body wash one of these days, but I haven’t found a recipe online yet that I like (most seem to consist of shredding some other soap, which y’know, defeating the purpose). Partly I want to make my own because I don’t like all the crap that goes into commercial soaps/washes, partly because it’s hard to find a moisturizing wash that contains tea tree around here (unless you’re willing to spend large amounds of money & get a large bottle of mostly crap).

    So… any links to where I could find a good recipe that I could tweak until it works for the Galoot & myself?

    1. And oh bloody hell. I can spell. Really, I can. “Amount” not “amound.”

  8. OH OH OH it would probably be impractical to mail anything to me. But in case it’s not may I humbly mention vanilla and patchouli salt and sugar scrub? Also goats <3

  9. Just realised you might not see if I replied to the feed on LJ for this..

    I am deeply intrigued by the Kyphi soap :-)

    *hopes the bit of paper with her name on is extra goat-edible*

  10. Oh my. How would a person pick ONE to try? I guess I’d have to go with Cilantro Lime!

  11. I think I’d have to go with the cardamom and ginger.

  12. Oh wow.. .I just spent 30 minutes browsing her shop. This could be bad for my level of sanity. I’d love to make acquaintances with some Orange Mint soap.

  13. Ooh, chocolate ginger!! Also, I am super excited to be involved in a goat-powered drawing!!!

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