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Eat Like The Nobility

Well, the minor nobility here at the Manor of Mixed Blessings, anyway. I made dinner the other night and I am excessively proud of it because I am one of those people who Does Not Cook. For a lot of reasons, including that sometimes cooking is scary. But here is my recipe for amazing veggie frittata! If I do it again when we’ve had more rain, I’ll rummage some wild onion tops out of the yard, because they’d give it a nice garlicky flavor. You may wish to add a small (or large) clove of garlic to the sucker.

1 zucchini
1 small buttercup squash
1 onion
1 handful of peapods
1 blorp of olive oil
8 large eggs, or their equivalent in the various sized eggs you have sitting around your refrigerator because your hens over produce for what you actually eat, and most of your hens are bantams anyway.

Cut all the veggies up into small chunks that will cook reasonably quickly while being sauteed. Break your eggs into a bowl and beat them into submission. Heat a cast-iron skillet over the high end of medium heat. When it’s hot, pour in a blorp of olive oil — this is a technical term for “the amount of olive oil you are about to need to sautee a bunch of vegetables.” Add the onions, cook until tender. Add the other vegetables. Cook them until they’re tender, too. Pour in the eggs and stir everything up until there is egg everywhere in the skillet, then stop touching it. Let cook until the sides have set, then stick the skillet under the broiler on Low for about four minutes, or until a knife stuck into the middle comes out clean.

Make your husband remove the heavy skillet from the oven. Cut into slices. Enjoy.

I am most proud because everything but the olive oil and the onion came from our own efforts, or the efforts of our hens in the case of the eggs! Om nom nom, sweet tasty victory. Next year maybe we’ll figure out how to grow onions, and any day now I’ll figure out my cream separator and make our own butter, and then the WHOLE FREAKIN MEAL can be home-grown.

2 thoughts on “Eat Like The Nobility

  1. Blorp is totally a cooking term. Hot damn, frittata!

  2. Blorp, glug, handful, blob–all cooking terms for the stream of consciousness cook! The frittata sounds just divine. And when you get your cream separator figured out, I’ll send you my scone recipe…it calls for both cream AND butter. Heavenly! :)

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