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Dairy Goat Profile: Josie

A close-up shot of Josie's face as she stares up at the camera, doubtless considering whether or not she can eat it.

Josie is a grade dairy doe, meaning no one has kept her pedigree. There’s at least some Oberhasli in there, as no other breed has that distinctive coat of rich bay with black trimmings, but she lacks the black belly of a purebred Oberhasli. She is the enforcer of the herd, out to headbutt the world, or at least that portion of the world which is other goats who annoy her. She even tried it once on Miss May, shortly after we brought May home. Just once, though, as May put her massive head down to meet Josie’s incoming rush and Josie bounced off her like a ball off a brick wall.

Josie is also the mother of the first pair of goatlings born here at the Manor, proudly giving me twin doelings at her first birth (and mine!). She’s now being trained to be milked, which is a slow process requiring much patience on all sides. Evidently it’s weird to have someone milk you. I really can’t fault Josie for feeling that way, either, since I am pretty sure that if someone tried to milk me I’d do more than give them a vicious side-eye.

But I digress. Elegant, stubborn, and determined, Josie is an excellent paragon of goatliness. She even managed to teleport out of her Executive Kidding Suite at one point, to the great mistification of all human beings. But her life could be improved by an endless supply of fresh pine tops and also her own personal servant to follow her around fanning her. Tragically, she must climb trees to get her own pine tops (which are only available in spring anyway), and depends on the vagaries of weather for a fresh breeze. Your awareness will surely make the pine trees change their growing habits, and also convince someone to show up and fan her.

One thought on “Dairy Goat Profile: Josie

  1. ZOMG Alien eyes!

    I’m having a hard time imagining her climbing a mostly naked conifer.

    Was there a battle for enforcer after she arrived, or did the masses submit on cue?

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