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Dairy Goat Profile: Miss May

A profile portrait of Miss May, a golden brown goat with long, drooping ears and stripes running from the corners of her eyes to her nose.

Let me introduce you to Miss May, formerly of Money Pit Acres. She is a treasure among dairy goats and I could not have asked for a more perfect goat for my first milker. Miss May is patient, kind, and at 130 pounds she is easily twice the size of Josie, who is the next-largest goat in the herd. But Miss May uses her powers only for good, keeping the herd in good order and discipline.

Unfortunately, like 95% of dairy goats worldwide, May suffers from a serious lack of cookies, a problem that most people are unaware of. People assume goats will eat just anything, which is actually deeply untrue. Goats are weirdly picky eaters, and cookies are one of their favorite snacks, as long as the cookies are the right flavor and texture. Miss May gets goat cookies twice a day at milking time, but she would love to be able to also have a noon snack of cookies.

Miss May also has difficulties communicating, since she cannot speak. Instead, she must bellow mightily at people to indicate her displeasure with the lack of cookies and neck massages. If her neck is not being sufficiently massaged, she sometimes has no choice but to nip the person who is failing in their duty to massage her neck.

Gentle readers, it is a hard life being a dairy goat like Miss May, but together we can change that. Your awareness will help make a better life for dairy goats everywhere!

2 thoughts on “Dairy Goat Profile: Miss May

  1. Miss May is a beautiful lady goat! Her colors and markings are so cool. Please give her a neck massage and a cookie on my behalf! :)

  2. *snif* Miss May’s story is truly moving!

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