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Dairy Goat Awareness Week kicks off!

A close-up shot of Esk's face, white with orange patches over her eyes and an adorable pink nose.  At the top a caption asks Are You Aware of Dairy Goats? and at the bottom it says Dairy Goat Awareness Week June 17-23, Manor of Mixed Blessings.

That’s right, gentle readers, today is the first day of Dairy Goat Awareness Week, sponsored by the American Dairy Goat Association. Instead of my usual lazy posting every other day, this week I shall feature a different resident dairy goat every day, with a picture or two and a profile of her sparkling personality!

During this week, I’ll also be releasing Dairy Goat Awareness items in the Manor of Mixed Blessings Zazzle store, so that you can share your Dairy Goat Awareness with friends and family! For example, the image above is available on a t-shirt, as well as other products that have nothing to do with goats except that I’ve slapped a picture on them! Together, we can make a difference in the lives of dairy goats.

One thought on “Dairy Goat Awareness Week kicks off!

  1. Yay for goats!

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