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May, clad in cloth of gold

My leetle flock has received its second to last member, a mostly-Nubian doe named May. She has a beautiful glossy red-golden coat and is an absolute treasure. You see, she’s in milk, her young son having just reached a good age for weaning, and Miss May patiently stands for me to milk her by hand, three times a day.

It will probably get down to twice a day when my hands get some strength in them, but we’re doing all right for now and Miss May has given us about two and a half quarts of milk today. She’ll probably give us another quart and some change at evening milking, which means I need to start making cheese and soap before she floods us.

2 thoughts on “May, clad in cloth of gold

  1. Your little farm fascinates me.

  2. Do we have photos???

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