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Old man River, he just keeps rolling along.

Another big stretch of quiet from me, for which I apologize, but my heart isn’t in much of anything. I haven’t even felt like taking new chicken pics to post on the MoMB Google Plus page.

Mostly I’ve been carefully combing job advertisements and putting my resume out there. It started with jobs that looked like an exact fit for my skills, expanded to those that look like a good fit, then the ones that seemed like a pretty good fit, and when I hit the ones where I’d have to do some creative editing of my resume to make it seem relevant, I gave up.

No nibbles as of yet, though my more senior colleagues are getting multiple calls for interviews and in some cases their choice of job offers. I begin to assume that junior personnel in my file are a dime a dozen, and I’m becoming increasingly resigned to losing my access to health care along with an assured, adequate paycheck in a month’s time. It’s pretty terrifying, which probably explains why I’ve been quiet here. I try to keep this blog a pretty light and happy place, and right now “light and happy” is about as far from my mood as you can get.

Hope you’re all doing well, gentle readers, and that things are going better in your neck of the woods than they are down here in mine.

2 thoughts on “Old man River, he just keeps rolling along.

  1. Good luck! Once the senior people get positions, they could be an in for you at those companies. Maybe the referral fairy is heading your way. Fingers crossed! =)

  2. Wishing you a successful and fruitful job search!

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