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If my life gets any more exciting, it will turn into a country song.

So after last week’s medical shenanigans, I found out on Friday that my company lost the government contract that provides my job. Ouch. The current contract is funded through the 31st of March, so I have roughly 6 weeks to locate paying work that will provide us with health insurance. There’s a chance my current company may be able to keep me and I should find out for sure on that in the next couple weeks, meanwhile I am buffing and polishing my resume and reading up on pretty much any company I think may want to hire me.

This is so much fun I could just shit.

The impending possible loss of insurance means that I’ve made an appointment with my doc to get tapered off the main drug I’m on for pain control, as it’s not one I can quit cold-turkey. I’ve looked up the retail price for the sucker and it’s not going to be affordable; health insurance through COBRA would run us $1261 a month so that’s out of the question, as well. And you know, I try to stay non-political here (there are plenty of other venues where I am VERY LOUD about my politics) but… can I just say that if I’d moved to the UK, I would not be in this horrifying position? Because there would be the National Health Service, and getting to see a doctor and get the meds I need to not be in excruciating pain all day, every day, day in, day out, would not be contingent upon paid employment.

The health system in this country fucking sucks, and I am having this immense urge to go find everyone who bleats about socialism when single-payer health care is brought up and demand money with menaces from them. Health care should not be contingent upon your ability to be exploited by capitalism, y’all.

Luckily I was able to order a wheelchair due to a band of angels (a-comin after me). I’d originally intended it for use in extraordinary circumstances, like wanting to go spend all day at a museum in DC, but in the circumstances it looks like I’m going to be using the sucker nearly full-time. And hopefully we can manage to scrounge up the money for me to keep seeing my doc periodically so he will keep writing me scrips for generic drugs that we can hopefully afford.

In other news, the cats and dogs and chickens and husband are all in good health and so far there has been no return of my amazingly horrifying allergic reaction (KNOCK ON WOOD), so things are going as well as can be expected given my tendency to panic and hyperventilate when I think too hard about my employment situation.

And if you know anyone in the Fredericksburg, VA area who would like to hire a tech writer type, hook me up, yo.

5 thoughts on “If my life gets any more exciting, it will turn into a country song.

  1. Once again I’m feeling very, very lucky that Cornell continues to pay the employer’s share of the health insurance cost under COBRA for up to a year after an employee is laid off. My coverage will go up to nearly $1,600 if I’m still unemployed in a year, not that that will be at the top of my list of things to worry about next January if I’m still jobless.

  2. Oh no, that sucks. Will be sending postive thoughts for keeping yoru job, and good job-hunting vibes as well. I’m sure you’ve already thought of this, but just in case I thought it might be worth mentioning…I know tech editors are sometimes freelancers that work from home–is the same true of tech writers?

  3. 1. That s*cks.
    2. Find out who the contract was awarded to and see if they will hire you. I know in the engineering industry, FEMA rotates through a few companies to do their technical review. Engineers rotate from firm to firm to firm because the expertise is so specialized. Unless tech writers with your particular experience are seeking employment in droves out your way, I would think you have a strong chance of moving with the contract.
    3. That TOTALLY s*cks.
    4. Having been there, I know the level of “s*ckitude”. I also know you have the potential to not only land on your feet, but stick the landing!

  4. How far are you from DC? I know people in that area who may have connections.

  5. “Health care should not be contingent upon your ability to be exploited by capitalism, y’all.”

    EXACTLY! not being able to afford the meds you need to get thru life, not being able to afford to see the doctors to get those meds prescribed, thats not fair.

    i’m eternally grateful for medicare, even as striped down and limited as it is. its better than nothing, and nothing was all i could get when i lost my job and my cobra ran out. employed, i paid about $150 a month. on cobra i paid $400 a month. after the 18 months ran out, i had the option to continue on my own, at $800 a month. who the fuck can afford $800 a month (or $1200) for health insurance! thats unreasonable. but because i had pre-existing conditions, i couldnt get private insurance. could not get it. no one would take me. so i had nothing at all until ssdi finally approved me and medicare kicked in. nobody should be flat out denied fucking insurance. there needs to be reasonable options out there.

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