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I shouldn’t mention having a boring life

…because then the universe will decide to get me, even in a minor fashion. Spoiler: the following story ends well.

Yesterday on my way home from work I took the back way, as I often do because it’s shorter and the speed limit is lower so I use less gas, but it’s enough shorter that I don’t lose any time going home. It’s a lovely winding road through a lot of woods, and I was about three miles into it when I saw a big brown bird on the road ahead of me, and then a flash of white as it spread its tail feathers. A bald eagle!

No clue what it was doing there, it might have just nailed some small furry thing because it was struggling to get back into the air but didn’t look broken. As my car got closer, it quit worrying about whatever it was working on in the road and flapped heavily up to a tree branch above the road. And then as my car got really close, it went SWOOPFWOOSHZOOM back to the road, passing right in front of my car.

Three things happened at that point, pretty much simultaneously: I slammed on my brakes (because I have no idea what happens if you hit a bald eagle with your car but I’m pretty sure it involves being stripped of your citizenship and exiled to Canada, and anyway, I didn’t want to hit it!), my eyes bugged nearly out of my head, and I said “AAAAAAAA!”

The eagle landed in the opposite lane, grabbed a dead squirrel, and flapped heavily off into the forest. After giving me a dirty look — did it think I was about to try to steal its dead squirrel? I hyperventilated for a few minutes and then continued on my way home. It took a while for my eyes to stop being all bugged out, though.

In other news, my friend Gowan has a website now! You can find it right here. Gowan is freakin brilliant, I have a necklace she made that I wear on days when I want to feel gorgeous and mysterious. She is also an organic farmer, and is blogging farming, among other things. You should totally check her blog out, because it makes me want to quit my job and stay home and grow vegetables.

3 thoughts on “I shouldn’t mention having a boring life

  1. Thwacking a bald eagle with your car would be bad, yes, but I think USN veterans get one freebie without exile.

    We’ve got a handful of raptors around here, mostly hawks, though I generally just see them soaring overhead or perched in a tree staring at us, rather than actively engaged in dinner.

  2. Could be worse… Chris broke his leg last week and had surgery to pin his ankle bones together. He’s got a splint now, and won’t be able to put any weight on it for another two weeks, at which point he MIGHT get a walking cast. Whee.

  3. I would more like think you were really trying to pick up the road kill. Daniel, could skin up said squirrel and put him the pot. Just one step closer to making him a good ole American Redneck! LOL By the squirrel tastes just
    like stringy chicken! I could see the Judges face now, you Honor I was just
    trying to get the squirrel, I did not intend to hit the Bald Eagle. He was just in my way! We need a coon skin cap for Daniel. He would look like an American pioneer!

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