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Rollin rollin rollin…

So anyway, we’re all keepin on here. Siddy continues to be Mr. Brilliant Pants except that yesterday at math class he had a hard time settling. I think some of that was that I was restless and having a hard time concentrating — thanks, fibromyalgia, I love the cognitive impairments.

This has been a lazy weekend after last weekends extravaganza of busy-ness: math class, naps, chicken farming.

My life is strangely non-exciting right now, which makes for poor blog entries.

One thought on “Rollin rollin rollin…

  1. Non-exciting is a good thing when you have dogs, cats, chickens and box turtles! And winter.

    Side note: I saw Siddy on one of the video’s Christine posted on her blog. The one where she has “Singin’ in the Rain” as the background music. The dogs were having nothing but fun! :)

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