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One thing I did this past weekend was get a new tattoo. I’ve got four already, so this isn’t exactly a new adventure. As any tattooed person can tell you, the first thing people will want to ask you about your tattoos is “Did it hurt?” I don’t know about other people but my answer to this is always yes, yes it did. But it’s not the pain I remember, it’s the ITCHING as the new tattoo heals. Oh god, the itching.

Having a tattoo is mostly like having skinned your knee. Most of us don’t remember skinned knees itching, because if they did itch, we could scratch them. You can’t scratch a healing tattoo as you might damage it, so there’s nothing to do but just keep moisturizing the sucker and wait as patiently as you can for the itching to stop.

Which is not very patiently, in my case. I cannot wait for the thing to heal and stop itching me.

2 thoughts on “Itchitchitch

  1. I’m imagining a tattoo of a funny looking chicken. This has been an endless source of giggles for me.

  2. I think it’s like having your teeth cleaned. Sort of annoying, kind of painful, but it’s the noise that’s the thing that always gets to me. Except the one on the top of my foot. That hurt like a mofo.

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