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So just when I vow to be a better blogger…

I get some kind of horrible deathplague. My nose is stopped up, my sinuses are clogged, and I am coughing and sneezing. Poor Daniel had this last week and I thought I had escaped it, but evidently not.

Meanwhile, I am trying Tink on a spangly new food, Honest Kitchen’s Force. I don’t know about you, gentle reader, but I am constantly on a quest for the perfect food. I was feeding everyone Earthborn Great Plains Feast, and indeed the other three are still on it because they’re doing really well – shiny coats, bright eyes, good muscle, not much fat on them. But I have this theory that if I find the Perfect Food for Tink, her persistent Tinea versicolor skin problem will go away, or at least simmer down. I suspect it’s kind of like the similar notion that takes me once a year, that finding the perfect lipstick will solve every problem in my life. Nevertheless, I keep up the search (both for the Perfect Food and the Magic Lipstick).

In chicken news, everyone is doing well. The Modern Game Bantams have settled into the house nicely and are actually friendly little things. As soon as I feel less like death warmed over I shall have to get pictures of them. I love their strange spindliness and elegant heads. Let us face it, gentle readers, although I am quite fond of your average feathery chicken, my heart clearly lies with the weird looking ones. I am an afficionado of the extravagantly fluffy, the elegantly spindly, the bizarrely naked of neck.

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