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Still alive!

I know, I know, I’m falling down on the blogging again. It’s been busybusybusy, including a trip to Florida for 5 days for my sister-in-law’s wedding where I am in charge of the floral arrangements in tampa and all the decoration. Also, the Hatchapalooza Three participants finally got old enough and feathery enough to move outside even though winter is coming on. We had a blissfully chicken-free house for a day, and then in a fit of guilt I moved the Modern Game Bantams inside this morning. They are such skinny, spindly little things, without much down or much body fat, and it’s dropping below freezing here at night. I thought I’d rather move three live chickens in prematurely than move two in after one froze to death, so here they are.

Anyway, my New Year’s Resolution is to go back to blogging. I tend to miss it when I’m not writing here, so I should be able to keep up with a little determination on my part.

Meanwhile, Daniel and I intend to head out today to get a Christmas tree, since we’re celebrating here at the Manor this year. The Best Parents Ever are driving up and there will be presents all around and much merrymaking, I’m sure.

Hope you’re all doing well, gentle readers, and I promise to be better about the bloggery!

2 thoughts on “Still alive!

  1. Nice to see you are alive and well!

  2. ‘Bout time you are back!!

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