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Actual Death Experience

Yesterday was a sad day at the Manor, as our Welsummer hen Bebelina died suddenly. She was just over a year old and up until this fall’s molt she was a faithful layer of dark brown eggs. We’ll miss her.

The babies in the house continue to do well, and Baal is looking more grown-up by the moment. I’m thinking that when Melchior is healed-up enough to go back outside, I will pair her with Baal so that he has a buddy in the integration process, although it will mean integrating Melchior with the banty flock rather than the Big Chickens. On the other hand, Melchior is a tiny thing, so I think Bantytown is a more appropriate home for her.

3 thoughts on “Actual Death Experience

  1. RIP Bebelina. You were a good chicken, by all accounts.

  2. Oh goodness! This is sad news. Do chickens normally not live very long?

    1. The usual lifespan is 5-7 years, with some chickens living into their teens, so this was very unexpected.

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