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The Long Journey of Mr. Thomas a Beckett, Esq.

Yesterday Daniel and I met up with Christine and delivered Mr. Thomas a Beckett into her capable care for a long journey north. We’d found a home for him with a pair of devoted owners up in Massachusetts and Christine was headed in that general direction, so off our marvelous orange tom went, packing along food, water, his favorite toys, a litter box for his carrier, and his favorite bed.

He apparently slept most of the way up, and around 2000 Christine delivered him to his next ride, who had him for a couple hours before passing him to K and G, who delivered him to his new home. K reports that he is taking to his new people already, which is good news. Mr. Beckett was SUCH a laid-back and personable guy, if sort of spiky when overwhelmed by the amazingness of being petted. Here’s hoping he settles in up there in Yankeeland!

Much gratitude to the people who got him there despite the wreckage of a very early snowstorm; people braved tree-strewn snowy roads and homes without power to get Mr. Beckett from Virginia to Massachusetts.

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