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Actual Conversations That Happen Here

Daniel has been feeling unwell. So yesterday I took a break from straightening up my desk so I can get EXCELLENT pictures of baby chickens to go tell him I love him. While he was preparing to roast a chickenlandfish for our dinner.

Me: I love you.
Daniel: I love you more.
Me: No, I definitely love you more.
Daniel: You want a bag of giblets?
Me: What?! I come in here to tell you I love you and you offer me a bag of giblets?!
Daniel: It’s because I love you more. How about a landfish neck?
Me: I’m going to go blog this.

2 thoughts on “Actual Conversations That Happen Here

  1. Ain’t love grand?

  2. Definitely a man who falls into the “Best Husband Ever” category. :)

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