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Hatchapalooza Three concludes successfully!

So all I’ve been doing this weekend is staring at eggs as they turned into actual chickens. I wound up having to help three of them because I’d opened the incubator at one point to get a picture, dropped the humidity, and shrink-wrapped them (that is, the inner membrane around them toughened to the point they couldn’t get through it without help). One chick who had pipped died because I didn’t help soon enough, which I feel guilty about. Well, and guilty about opening the incubator for a picture and shrink-wrapping some of the little guys.

At any rate, here’s a pic from above showing the inside of the brooder with the 10 of them who made it! There’s Lavender Splits (they are not visually lavender, but carry the gene for it), a couple blues, a black, two adorable porcelains, one buff, and one partridge. Then there’s the one random bantam from one of my eggs and Lord only knows what color he will turn out to be! Probably black, though, by the look of him. The others are all silkies, hatched from eggs I bought from Catdance Silkies that were shipped to me. Nine of the 18 eggs I got from Catdance hatched, which is EXCELLENT for shipped eggs. Only one of the eggs from my chickens that I stuck in there hatched, which is terrible. I think I need to trim the cushions on my porcelains (their butt feathers can get in the way of mating) and have a pep talk or two with Kemuel the Modern Game Bantam rooster about doing his duty and fertilizing eggs.

Oh, right, I was going to post a picture. I got a little font-happy, but then I love fonts almost as much as I love chickens.

Hatchapalooza 3 Class Picture: ten baby chickens from above.  They are in shades ranging from gold to black, and one has racing stripes.  Next to each is a bit of text naming its color or in the case of lav splits, genetic heritage.  At the top of the frame is their waterer and food dish.

One thought on “Hatchapalooza Three concludes successfully!

  1. 1. Baby Chickens are just plain cute.
    2. What fonts did you use? Some of those would be quite fabulous for tea invitations! :)

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