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For a more substantive update…

Although I happen to think my struggle to get Daniel on board with my desire for a mini-cow is quite substantive, thank you.

Christine came up on Saturday and we all went to Home Depot and bought a metric crap-ton of lumber and also nails and roofing panels and another hammer and another ladder. Then we all came back here and put a roof on Bantytown which is quite nice if I do say so myself, and entailed very little blood, sweat, or tears thanks to Christine’s ability to engineer a roof on the fly. Then we got the exterior framing up for the Bantytown Suburb that will be divided into three four foot by eight foot breeding pens, which is quite roomy for a little breeding group of bantam chickens. Merlin and four of his ladies will get one, Remiel and Kefziel the little black bantams will get one, and then the last is reserved for lavender silkies although I may stick Belphegor, who is probably a rooster, and a couple hens in it for the nonce as it will be a while before the lavs are old enough for me to even know what gender they are, let alone breed.

Daniel and I might have managed to finish the framing yesterday and made at least a start on the wire walls, but I either have the world’s most miserable head cold plus body aches from overdoing yesterday (although I was really mostly useless yesterday except for fetching water and pointing majestically at things) or I have DEATHFLU with completely blocked sinuses and body aches. Oh, and I’m losing my voice, which is why I’m really sad that Daniel and I weren’t able to take our American Sign Language class this semester.[1] I must brush up on my ASL vocabulary that I’ve been working on via Lifeprint and then Daniel can just learn it on the fly. He’ll be delighted, I’m sure.

The twenty-one eggs in the incubator go on lockdown on Wednesday, at which point I will give them all one last candling and get rid of any that are not about to hatch, in order to give the hatching chicks a little more room. Then on Friday, Hatchapalooza Three will start — I’m sure I will cover it on Twitter as usual! And then on Sunday, I will sanitize the incubator and start collecting eggs from my porcelain silkies, as well as my Modern Game Bantams, for round two!

Still need someone between Ruby, NY and Boston, MA to give Mr. Thomas a Beckett a ride to his new home on the 27th of this month. Anybody?

[1] The earthquake at the end of August severely damaged the local community college, and as a result our class went from being 1730-1900 twice a week to 1800-2100 once a week, which is just not doable when I need to go to bed at 2000 in order to get up at 0400.[2]

[2] I know, I still use military time. Subtract 1200 from all numbers big enough for you to do it without zeroing out.

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  1. Why am I picturing you tacking “and-I-want-a-cow” (Would that be [cow][want]?) on the end of every piece of ASL speech?

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