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Actual Conversations at the Manor

Me, looking at a website: Ooo! We should get a mini-cow!
Daniel: What for?
Me: What do you mean what for? It’s a mini-cow!
Daniel: Yes but what will we do with it?
Me: We’ll have it! It’s a mini-cow!
Daniel: It’s livestock. We can’t have livestock.
Me: We’ll claim it’s a dog.
Daniel: It’s a mini-cow!
Me: Yes, but the Continental Kennel Club will register ANYTHING. We’ll get them to register it as a Great Dane.
Daniel: Then we have to register it with the county.
Me: Mini-cow!
Daniel: We do not need a mini-cow.
Me: You never let me have any fun.

3 thoughts on “Actual Conversations at the Manor

  1. I’m afraid I side with Daniel here.

  2. I’m trying to convince my friends with goats that they need a mini cow. We purposely bought a house with a small lot so we wouldn’t be tempted to add adorable livestock to our menagerie.

  3. “What for?”? “WHAT FOR?”? It’s a MINI-COW.

    You could get mini-er minicows from it. And mini-milk. And mini-cheese. And lots and lots and lots of photos for your blog.

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