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Gentleman Border Collie seeks Loving Owner

My beloved friend Ellen, who longtime readers will recall as Roo’s Guardian Angel, has had some upheaval in her life and had to make the difficult decision that one of her dogs would be better off in a different home.

His name is Deuce, and he is a gentleman Border Collie who is fully vetted and ready to go. Deuce will not only come to you fully vetted, but housebroken, knowing basic obedience (although there is usually an adjustment period with new owners) and also how to work your herd of sheep. Don’t have a herd of sheep? Deuce would also like to go on walks, preferably walks that take you to a pond where he can splash and wade and swim.

The head of a black and white border collie as he swims through some lovely clear water.

That would make his little doggy day. He will also jog with you if you are into that sort of thing. After the walk, he would like to snuggle with you on the couch while you scritch between his eyes, and then maybe you could take him on a ride in the car, which he adores. He is ready to attend even the classiest occasions in his elegant black and white which will blend right in among tuxedos.

Side view of a handsome black and white gentleman Border Collie.

He is weirded out by thunderstorms, which is the only time Ellen crates him, as having a safe zone makes him feel better about the fact that Big Sky Dog is growling at him.

Deuce gets along with other animals, including the two touchy lady dogs he lives with now, and cats! Although he will try to herd the cats for the first week or so, but then again who doesn’t want to herd cats?

Deuce, on the far left, with a tabby and white cat, a black and white Basenji, and a red Australian cattle dog, everyone happily cuddled up on the couch together.

If another dog in the house would play frisbee so that Deuce could have the fun of bolting out to get to the frisbee first, that would be divine (he doesn’t want to pick it up and bring it back, he just wants to get there first). Dog-savvy kids are also fine. He is impeccably polite about taking treats.

Deuce, on the left, runs beside a red Australian Cattle Dog with a green frisbee in her mouth.  He has a HUGE grin on his face.

He’s currently living in the Chicago suburbs, but Ellen will move heaven and earth to get him into the right home[1] so do not let distance deter you if you have been thinking “What my life really needs is a gentleman Border Collie.” Deuce would probably do best in a suburban or rural home, but an owner who is dedicated to helping him adjust and finding somewhere to throw his frisbee could make it work out in an urban home.

If you can’t take in a gentleman Border Collie, can you please at least spread the word, gentle readers?

[1] No, seriously, she will. She drove 8 hours to bring me Roo, and that was after he had pried open the door to her linen closet so he could pee all over her towels and blankets. So she will clearly do no less for a gentleman Border Collie who is not destructive or prone to peeing all over her clean towels.

5 thoughts on “Gentleman Border Collie seeks Loving Owner

  1. I wish it were possible, because you can never have too much Border Collie in your life. I’ll just send him and Ellen my love and best wishes.

  2. I’ll extend my usual offer to transport in the K-town area. He’s a beautiful boy.

  3. What Chicago suburb is he in? I know someone who is interested.

  4. Oh, the person I know has a border collie currently and is living in the Chicago suburbs.

    1. Did he ever get a new home? Sorry my friend could not take him, her vet told her that her old girl shouldn’t be stressed with a new dog.

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