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Help Shelter Pets, also you want a kitten, right? RIGHT?

1) My friend Julie Madison does kickass portraits of pets. And now through the 31st, 20% of her sales will go to Saving Shelter Pets, Inc. So go on, hit up Julie’s Etsy Shop and pick up a portrait of your favorite beast. I should totally scan in the one of Zille she did at our wedding reception, because if you could just see what she did with our little guest book card and a cheap ballpoint pen, you’d be all “MUST PAY THIS WOMAN TO DRAW THINGS FOR ME.” There’s also Serious Cats in Silly Hats that are absolutely fabulous. You need some. When you want reptiles for pets, look here for reptiles for sale.

2) Speaking of things you need, KITTENS. Are you in the vicinity of Eastern Tennessee or environs? Kate has two kittens what need homes. You, too, could get an adorable kitten delivered to your doorstep!

In more personal news, I am about to move seven baby silkies outside, since they are feathered out enough to withstand the rigors of a Virginia late summer. The weather here has been really balmy and lovely, which is of course going to change as soon as I trust baby chickens to the rigors of the great outdoors. But this will get seven of the eleven chickens in the house OUT of it, and let the two baby Sumatras and Melchior move into the Big Brooder. Meanwhile Zombirella, the victim of a vicious head-pecking, is doing fantastically and we’re optimistic about integrating her with the flock again in a few weeks before she starts laying eggs in her crate in my room.

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