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Must try to get back into this blogging thing…

…as I sit here in the morning with the House Chickens cheeping at me, the babies in high tones and Zombirella does a sort of pleasing alto purr. The baby silkies in the big brooder are about ready to go outside, actually, and I think I may bug Daniel into helping me build a second apex-style pen and house this weekend so we can move Merlin and his ladies out of the big pen — we’ve picked up six ladies for him, so there will definitely be little stripey chickens next year — and move these guys in the house out of it.

That will open up the big brooder for the little Sumatras and Melchior, which will clear the little brooder off my desk and let me set up my new serger and maybe even my sewing machine.

Somewhere in there, I must do more training with my Official Service Dog In Progress (OSDIP!) and oh yeah, next week classes start, although I’m only taking the one class this fall. It’s American Sign Language 101 and Daniel and I are taking it together, which hopefully means I will hang onto more of it because I can do things like refuse to communicate with my husband using spoken English. He’s going to be thrilled, I’m sure…

I still have an indigo vat to set up, too, but first I need to scour the cotton scarves I got to dip in it — no rest for the wicked, really, and everything I want to do spirals into a huge pile of MUST DO ALL THE THINGS until it’s a wonder I get anything accomplished.

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